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Horror movies are rammed to the rafters with incidents of demonic possession, and if you've ever wanted to know what it feels like to have something try and take over your mind like Maria in The Devil Inside or Regan in The Exorcist then this website will let you have a taste.

Don't worry, it's totally harmless, but below is a quick breakdown to let you know if you want to submit. It's hard to convey how trippy this ride is without seeing the glitchy visuals in action, but I'll give it a go!

"An Unfamiliar Internal Presence"

"Relaxation for Improved Compliance"

As a sinister eyeless mask asks you to "listen to the refraction of my mind's eye," it's clear that this is going to be a journey crammed to the rafters with culty language that the Church of Scientology would be proud of.

"Gain Trust of Subject"

To gain your trust, the unknown entity tells a bizarre joke that has exactly the opposite effect ...

"Body Appropriation Phase"

After subjecting you to barrage of bizarre interactive imagery, the distorted voiced entity proclaims"You are ready to receive my input, open up to my will."

Brute Force

Alas, your human spirit is too strong for the electronic humanoid and he proclaims, "now I must forcibly take control of your mind."

A Descent into Darkness

As the "program" goes on, it becomes clear that things are getting a lot darker when the mask shouts out, "Submit subject! This firewall of silence won't protect your feeble will. Let me enter you."

Removal of Autonomy

Thankfully, after the mask says, "you defy me at your peril, reciprocate, my love, or you will receive piercing thoughts," the computer program "crashes" and your mind remains safely in your control.

Without the immersive sounds, jarring glitches and bizarre flashing imagery, this doesn't look like much, but I urge to you to give the website a run through HERE because it's certainly an...interesting experience!

Before you take the plunge though, I have to warn you that this thing looks like it could be an epilepsy trigger and, obviously, it's not suitable for children.



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