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Suicide Squad has always been a controversial topic ... Why is Jared Leto as the Joker? Why so many tattoos? Does that story even make sense?

Yet all that controversy is also surrounded by how good this film could end up. Sure, it's still in production but what could go wrong. It has Jared Leto, an oscar winner - And Will Smith - our winner! So here's a breakdown of why Suicide Squad is pointing towards success, and how Jared Leto's joker is actually pretty good!

Could Suicide Squad be something different from most DC films?

The old comic squad.
The old comic squad.

When you first watch the Suicide Squad, you are going to get a very weird sense of chills. It's definitely the kind you didn't expect you'd get from a superhero film. But it's not. Because let's face it, the Joker, someone who's been a villain for over 20 years, will not simply bow down towards the law. So we'll examine the SUicide Squad trailer to the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer ( because, technically, the Guardians are fugitives too, right? ).

Here's how they start off...


- Dramatic music and a closeup on Quill. No conversations, just beauty.


- Eerie Conjuring-style music and talks of a new villainous plan.


- Starts to introduce all the fugitives by rapsheets aka the Guardians, very positive atmosphere


- Still loads of eerie music and people talking about how this squad just won't work


See what I mean? Suicide Squad has a hint of horror, and not only that, but there are some very creepy and eerie things being said by the villains...

"Are you an angel?"
"Are you an angel?"

These are all people who haven't had the sense of freedom in a long time. But that's why it's gonna work! It has all the right stuff. A smart fugitive. A female fugitive. A psychotic fugitive. A cunning fugitive. A quiet fugitive. It's basically just a spin off for GoTG!

But let's get to the real stuff. WHO'S THE BETTER JOKER? And how can we tell?

Jared Leto didn't say too much, but what he did say, was quite brutal. So let's compare what Health Ledger said in the Dark Knight trailer and what Jared Leto said in the Suicide Squad teaser.

"I'm just gonna hurt you really, really bad" were Jared Leto's exact words in the Suicide Squad teaser. His looks, on the other hand, seem a tad bit unnatural.

I mean, it can't be just me who thinks his awkwardly smooth face can represent marks as Health Ledger's Joker's main lines were "Do you know how I got these scars?" And yet Jared Leto's Joker just seems like a paranormal guy with makeup. It's devastatingly obvious. The rest of the cast are brilliant and Leto's voice is brilliant but the looks have to be checked.

Health Ledger's Joker is a more convincing one as he has various scars, ripped white paint and sloppy red paint on his lips. It's the true sign of a psychotic "Joker'.

My point?

Jared Leto's joker is definitely not what I want. I love the cast but that is not the joker. They've taken everything that was successful about Ledger's Oscar-winning Joker and flipped it.


But what do I know? Tell me how you feel.


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