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Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation took the box office by storm this weekend, and with at least one more movie in store for the franchise it's safe to say that there's a lot more action in store for Tom Cruise and his costars.

But let's just imagine for a second that it wasn't the Cruise we know and love at the head of the series, but instead a renowned comedy actor, say the late, great Chris Farley? It'd probably be a pretty different and hilarious movie, but I guess we'll never know. Or will we?

Lucky for us, artist Todd Spence posted the trailer for Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation but, instead of footage of Tom Cruise, he included clips from classic Chris Farley films. Yes, it's everything you didn't know you wanted.

I'm not sure how these two films appear to fit together so well, but trust me when I say it's even funnier and more seamless than you'd imagine. Check out Spence's work below:

The unlikeliest of heroes steps up to the plate

What would a Chris Farley movie be without a David Spade appearance?

Any car chase would be adrenaline-pumping as well as laughter-inducing

And there's plenty of room for Farley's iconic physical comedy

Plus, we already have this scene ready to go!

We know that replacing Tom Cruise as the face of the franchise would be an impossible mission on its own, but I would happily take this version instead.

Oh the money I would pay to see a feature-length version of this movie, or any movie starring Chris Farley again for that matter. It's good to know that even 18 years after his untimely passing Chris Farley is still able to make us laugh.

(Source: Todd Spence, Youtube)


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