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I personally don't want to stop learning more and more about the wondrous world of Harry Potter. As a mere Muggle who is still not over the fact that I never received a letter to Hogwarts or the American equivalent of it, I enjoying pouring over websites and scanning them for any new information.

Hell, I've repeatedly said I would enjoy reading a series based on Dumbledore's life, the Marauders' lives, Snape's background, as well as the story explaining how Tom Riddle became the most malicious dark lord that ever lived.

The following infographic categorizes useful spells, breaks down evil wizards, and explains how much it really costs to attend Hogwarts in an incredibly easy-to-read format.

Now put away your spell books, and you could do without your parchment and wand. It's time we learned a little bit from the most magical teacher of all: the Internet.

1. Hogwarts, School of Galleons and Sickles

[Source: visually]

Perhaps I should have passed on attending the University of Southern California. Hogwarts is way cheaper. Plus, learning magic would have been so much more fun.

2. Where's Hogwarts?

[Source: Movoto Blog]

I've never been to Europe before. I feel like studying abroad would have been the perfect excuse to experience another country and culture. It's not too late for me at this point, right?

3. Are You a Harry, Hagrid, or Hermione?

[Source: Daily Infographic]

If I remember doing this correctly, I believe I got Ginny. I am definitely not complaining. She's a badass!

4. Can You Spell It Out for Me?

[Source: Deviant Art]

A vital part of learning magic is, of course, learning spells. Classes such as Charms, Transfiguration, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and so forth will require you to learn a myriad of spells. Holy hippogriffs, I'm thankful for this chart that maps it all out for me.

5. Herbology: Some Plants Might Kill You

[Source: waynedorrington]

While Muggles stress over accidentally brushing up against some Poison Ivy while camping, it seems like wizards and witches have much bigger things to worry about. For example, Devil's Snare anybody?

6. Mind If They Slyther-In?

[Source: waynedorrington]

I may not have attended Hogwarts, but according to many Sorting Hat quizzes I have taken, I have been sorted into Slytherin. I am insanely appreciative of this infographic, as it shows that not everyone who was in Slytherin is evil, thank you very much!

7. The Art of Defending the Dark

[Source: waynedorrington]

I consider this infographic a bit like It's a smart move to learn all you can about a professor before you're stuck with them in class for an entire semester.

8. Trelawney, True or Trumped?

[Source: waynedorrington]

You may have heard a lot of people talk about how much of a phony Professor Trelawaney is (Hermione isn't her biggest fan at all), but you have to admit she unknowingly holds the answers to the future.

9. I'm a Huge Fan!

[Source: visually]

Okay, so we missed the train at Platform 9 3/4 to attend Hogwarts. As a Muggle, I feel it's enough just to be a fan of the entire series! Reading the books and watching the films makes me feel as if I actually helped Harry defeat the most vile wizard of all time.

I may not have the cash to spend on all things Harry Potter, but I definitely place more importance on the books than, say, a Nimbus 2000 display broom anyway.

10. Harry Potter Taking Over the World

[Source: Fast Company]

Harry Potter has really influenced people's lives all over the globe. If there was a Harry Potter themed course at USC, I would have worn my Slytherin uniform to class and taken notes with a quill.

If you've learned anything from these infographics, I hope it's that you realized you were a Hogwarts student even if you didn't attend Hogwarts. Being a fan was enough. Being a fan still helped Harry defeat the most malicious wizard of all time.

I can't wait to share the stories of Harry, Dumbledore, Snape, and so forth when I have children. I can't wait for the day I put a robe on my kid and give him a wand.

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