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The recent number one Disney Pixar film, Inside Out has became a instant classic with its emotional realizations and fun for all the family. A awesome book of concept art has been released showing the art of Inside Out.

The Controls

The main source of the mind controlled by the emotions them selves. Each labelled individually.

Emotions - Basic form

Every character always begins as a simple sketch, or in animation form basic shapes.

Emotions and Riley - Basic form

The basic shapes have been transforms with facial features and personality. Also it features a early sketch of main character Riley.

Other Characters Emotions

A bundle of sketches of other peoples emotions.


The emotion of Disgust in the movie is pure perfection, showing a mixture of caring and sass. The original concept art gives out these impressions

Sadness and Joy

Throughout the film Joy tries and shows Sadness the positive side of life. Here are a few of her convincing techniques...

Riley 's living room and Garden - Minnesota

Looks magical

The colours carefully picked out with each room in the house.

3D Sculptures

The 3D sculptures soon to be used in the movie. The second form in animation.


Stunning and magical.


A great piece of concept art of headquarters. A visual aspect inside of Riley 's head.

Sadness and Core Memory

Oh no. Sadness shouldn't of touched that!

Meet your emotions

The final form of the 5 emotions.

Which is your favourite emotion?! Comment below!


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