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I'm really starting to hope Dragon Ball Super doesn't simply retread the events of [Dragon Ball z: Battle of gods](tag:784626). Sure, some things are going differently, but I could totally see this show reaching the weirdly affable ending of the movie. Still, we're already well into that plot line, and Dragon Ball is famed for its ridiculously long seasons. Dragon Ball Super will be no exception, with many fun storylines hopefully awaiting us in the future!

But for now, Dragon Ball Super is moving on with the current plot of Beerus the God of Destruction set to go head to head with Goku. Also Vegeta is training a bit, because he wants to feel relevant. Here's a recap of Episode 4 of Dragon Ball Super!

Goten and Trunks

Goten and Trunks
Goten and Trunks

I really wish this show would spend more time with Goten and Trunks, in no small part due to how hilarious and brilliant Trunks' Japanese voice actor is! The antics of these two give off a feeling of childish freedom that reminds me of the original Dragon Ball storyline. This episode saw them casually traipsing around the cruise ship playing host to Bulma's birthday party, and stumbling upon the complete set of Dragon Balls that Bulma is straight up hoarding! Sadly, Trunks and Goten know better than to go messing with this kind of jackpot.

The Pilaf Gang

What do you think of this new art style?
What do you think of this new art style?

This episode had somewhat of a heist theme, going easy on the weighty concepts of world-destruction, and focusing on the literally smaller and goofier characters. When we first see Pilaf and his accomplices, they're stranded on a desert island looking for treasure, and Pilaf is very much enticed when he sees that seven Dragon Balls are headed their way all neatly packaged together. The attempt to steal Dragon Balls is quite clearly paralleling the Battle of Gods plot, but it's nice to see the Dragon Ball plot device back in play.


Not much to report with Vegeta, for he's simply still training to be on par with Goku. Dragon Ball Super is continuing to paint Vegeta as the world's worst husband, with him being disgruntled at being interrupted by... having to attend his own wife's birthday party. Yeah I really can't wait for Vegeta to meet Beerus and Whis, and become somewhat more of a major player in this story.

Goku vs Beerus

Whis and Beerus on the move!
Whis and Beerus on the move!

So only now is Goku even learning who Beerus is. It's funny that this speaks to the simplicity of the Battle of Gods storyline. The whole thing is simply about Goku testing his strength against the God of destruction, rather than standing up as some force of good and justice. It is interesting to see how King Kai explains Beerus, saying that, if there are gods that create, there must be gods that destroy. This paints Lord Beerus less as a standard villain, and more as a natural force personified, and who can only be met by a being like Goku.

Episode 4 ends with Goku finally peeking a glimpse of Lord Beerus and Whis. It seems that the face off between Goku and Beerus will have to wait till next week, and if Dragon Ball Super keeps with the Battle of Gods story line, fans will have to wait some time before we get to see what a character like Whis is capable of. That's all for this week! Watch this space for another recap of Dragon Ball Super here on MoviePilot!


Will Dragon Ball Super stick with the Battle of Gods story?


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