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Fans have been hoping for it since he made his triumphant return to The Walking Dead in the Season 5 finale, and now it's been confirmed! Lennie James a.k.a. Morgan has told fans that they will indeed see the backstory behind what turned Morgan from the Season 3 reclusive walker-killing machine, into a pacifist with mean staff fighting skills.

Morgan imparts wisdom on Daryl in Season 5 finale
Morgan imparts wisdom on Daryl in Season 5 finale

We already had clues that Morgan's backstory would have some focus, when speaking to reporters at San Diego Comic-Con in July, James said:

"There's a big question to answer about Morgan, both about the show but also for me in the playing of him. There's a couple of dots to be joined that we haven't gotten to yet in the playing of him. So I'm kind of exploring that."

Following the Comic-Con announcement, James has now doubly confirmed that there will be some Morgan backstory screen time by telling Entertainment Weekly that “he [Morgan] has gone through a transformation that viewers will find out about.”

Awesome! I can't wait to see what Morgan has been up to since Season 3 - you know, apart from kicking ass:

Morgan vs. the Wolves in the Season 5 finale
Morgan vs. the Wolves in the Season 5 finale

But what exactly happened to Morgan for a season-and-a-half is still a total mystery and a point of much speculation. While some theorize that he was taken in by a mentor, others think maybe he just watched a huge amount of kung fu videos while he was living alone and isolated.

Wherever Morgan went between Season 3, episode 12 and Season 5, episode 16, the effect seems to be profound and something which will be very, very interesting to watch unfold when Season 6 premiers in October.

The Walking Dead Season 6 premiers on AMC on October 11th.

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