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We've got some really cool Game of Thrones casting news for those of you who want to know about all things Westeros. They've just cast Emmy-winning British actor, Ian McShane! Formerly a star of Deadwood, McShane will be returning to HBO for GoT and has the acting ability to make his presence felt on the show pretty quickly.

Like most things GoT, there hasn't been much detail about his character. The show is surpassing the books now, and that means we will probably have very little in the way of spoilers now which definitely makes me very excited. Theoretically, McShane could appear in Westeros or Essos (or somewhere in between). We'll have to wait and see...

However, sources do say McShane won't have all that much camera-time this season, but his character is of key importance. It's not often that Thrones picks up actors of this caliber, who are already established - especially, those who are already HBO alumni. This bodes well for whoever his character ends up being having a profound impact on the series.

GoT has started production on season 6 and will come back with 10 more episodes next spring. Last week, HBO's programming president Michael Lombardo did reveal that the show is planning to last at least eight seasons. So, as far as McShane's character is concerned, he's got time to break in to the vast cast and develop his character over time.

All I know is, I can't wait for the show to return. Each episode is like a short film, and for McShane, an alum of Deadwood, a show with that kind of artistry seems like a great fit.



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