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Varia Fedko-Blake

Attention: The following 9 babes are still single, and potentially even ready to mingle!

Prepare to drool and jump right in:

1. Scott Eastwood

The Longest Ride actor has a check list for a girlfriend: Love, trust and a good bang. Do you fit the bill?

2. Drake

The music industry's most infamous bad boy is on the prowl for a bad girl.

3. Chris Evans

Looking at his track record, it seems Chris is really into brunettes so make sure you're one of them before you apply to be Ms. Evans.

4. Adrian Grenier

Oh, those eyes... no words.

5. Orlando Bloom

Miranda Kerr is out of the picture so we are unashamedly allowed to swoon over Bloom once more!

6. Jake Gyllenhaal

Apparently, Jake is not upset he's single at the moment because he loves being in love. No matter how long it lasts. Cute!

7. Jamie Foxx

Wildly talented and handsome, the fact that he is so unattainable almost hurts.

8. Henry Cavill

Since his brief fling with Kaley Cucoc-Sweeting, he's since been a free and single man.

9. Liam Hemsworth

Since the horrendous break-down of his engagement to Miley Cyrus almost two years ago, it's unsurprising Liam has decided himself to himself for a while.



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