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The Kardashian Klan has built an empire with the help of a signature look: tanned skin, perfectly coiffed hair, and Instagram-worthy ensembles. Even with their shared stylists and similar color palettes, the family has never had too much trouble differentiating themselves...until now.

As 2015 marches on, more and more fans are calling attention to Kylie Jenner's developing appearance as the teen grows into her looks in front of the public eye. Now, after Kim posted a side-by-side picture to her Instagram, conversation has shifted to just how undeniably alike these two sisters look.

Take a look for yourself

That's Kim on the left and Kylie on the right, in case you were struggling to tell the two apart.

They're both gorgeous women, and it's clear that Kylie has learned a lot of styling tricks from her older sibling. Whether this was an intentional transformation or not, it's definitely a departure from the old days on Keeping Up with the Kardashians when these two arguably looked the most distinct out of the bunch.

Though many fans had posted the photo derisively, Kim is clearly taking the comparison as a major compliment. It's just another way this family proves their love for each other even in the face of critics.

(Source: Instagram)


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