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Great time at Boston ComicCon this weekend with the family! We've never been to the ComicCon in Boston, but this year was the exception. They brought in more noticeable celebrities than before. Stan Lee was by far the biggest draw, and all his events were sold out before we got a chance to get any. We got a chance to meet Hayley Atwell (Agent Carter) and Brett Dalton (Agent Ward in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.). Took some pictures and got some autographs. Very down to earth and cool individuals.

Hayley Atwell and Brett Dalton
Hayley Atwell and Brett Dalton

During the little time we got with Atwell, she took it upon herself to create a dubsmash video with the two girls that were ahead of us. Which everyone thought it was really cool. Once done, and at our request she signed our Funko Pop of Agent Carter with her claim at her Dubsmash War 2015 Championship.

"Undisputed Dubsmash Champion"
"Undisputed Dubsmash Champion"

The one thing that we did notice, they were pretty well organized when lining up everyone to wait for autographs and pictures. It was more like an assembly line when taking the Marvel Team-Up picture and as was the autograph sessions. The alleys around the comic artist and vendors got narrower as you went further into the convention center and it got a lot more difficult to move around.

They did have plenty of exclusives from the 2015 San Diego ComicCon. I was able to pick up both Ant-Man and Arrow for $50. Which is $25 each, not bad after seeing them sell for $40 each on eBay and $40 to $50 at other vendor locations.

All in all, it was a good experience with the family. The cosplay was impressive to say the least. We only went on Saturday, but we already know we are doing the entire weekend next year.


Is you went to Boston ComicCon 2015, what did you think was the best part of it, other than Stan Lee?


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