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Two of the most infamous and evil characters to ever grace the silver screen. Both characters will never tire in their goal to instill terror into the hearts of their victims. Pennywise is symbolic of modern horror whilst the Joker will forever live in infamy as the world's true anarchist.

Today we will be looking at the mind blowing talent of this SFX artist as he completely transforms himself into these iconic villains. Victor Nogueira is a Brazilian special effects artist that specialises in horror.

The Rotting flesh, the severed arteries and gruesome mutilation, ever wondered how all this gets onto our screens? It is with talented individuals like Victor that we are able to lose ourselves in horror and gore everyday.


Starting with one of the true embodiments of horror for well over two decades; Pennywise.

Pennywise, or Pennywise the Dancing Clown, is a character from Stephen King's novel, It. The main antagonist of the novel is portrayed as a demonic clown. The myth of 'It' is one that has existed since the 1700's. A terrifying story of a demonic entity that lies just beneath the earth's surface, it awaits the time it may rise and feast on the flesh of innocent children once again.

It is a creature from an unknown realm outside the regions of space. Some say it comes from hell itself, whilst others say it comes from beyond the stars. Whatever origin it may have, this entity is one of great evil cunning. It has the ability to adopt any form it chooses, based either on its victims loved ones or simply to appear to them as their worst nightmares. Most of the time it would disguise itself as the colourful clown named "Pennywise".

Children were its preferred target, the flesh of the innocent tastes better as it is easier to scare.

"You all taste so much better when you're afraid!" - Pennywise

Creating the monster

The artist has taken the basic Pennywise image and run with it somewhat here. It appears that Pennywise has had half his face ripped off by this stage and has almost lost an eye. This clown creation is a brilliant representation of the classic horror character. This is not created in a fancy hollywood, this transformation was done at home in front of the mirror (and camera).

Shockingly good, I think you will agree! Total transformation.

The Joker

The Joker is a supervillain that appears in the DC universe. The Joker is one of the principal bad guys to go head to head with Batman. The clown prince of crime is without doubt one of the most iconic characters in pop culture today, the Joker has not only been cited as one of the greatest villains ever created but as one of the best fictional characters ever created.

There are many stories that could point toward the truth behind the Joker's real origin. The most widely accepted story however, involves him falling into a tank of chemical waste, this accounts for the bleached white skin and green hair.

Although the Joker possesses no actual superpowers he is a master at engineering and toxicology. The Joker is known to work with other villains such as the Penguin and Two-Face but these relationships collapse quickly as the Joker wants for nothing but total anarchy and chaos.

Creating The Joker

The artist has chosen to embody the classic animated Joker from the DC animated universe. With extremely exaggerated facial features, wide cheek bones, pronounced brow and elongated chin this transformation is a masterpiece to watch unfurl.

What a brilliant recreation of the classic image of the king of villains. Even the teeth are disgustingly realistic!

SFX Industry

One of the most amazing and gut wrenching sectors to work within. I conduct regular interviews with artists in the SFX industry. There is certainly something incredibly surreal about walking through an office surrounded by decapitated heads and hands.

It is truly amazing to see what these talented individuals can create. I never get bored of talking with the artists and learning more about their future projects. Fun fact; from my experience most SFX artists are afraid of blood! Go figure..

Check out this artist below if you enjoyed the above videos you will love this artist's work.. Gore alert! AGC SFX Make Up

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