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Dan Maiorana

Okay, so bad cinema has been my go to option for most of 2014-2015, I actually went to see "The Gallows" and I still haven't seen "Ant Man". But that's besides the point. What I wanna talk about is the genre of "Found Footage Films", these are movies like Cloverfield, and As Above So Below.

Till this day, I've never seen a found footage film that was worth watching twice. Granted I may be a douche for saying that, but it's really true. The Gallows was a production that tried to introduce a new "Slasher" bad guy like Freddy or Jason, with its Charlie character.

No...Just..No. The movie only saw Charlie kill four people, Jason, Freddy and hell even Chucky kill more than four people before the first act is even over. I'm a huge advocate for these types of movies though. Horror movies are where some really good actors can get their chance to be seen in a movie, while being fairly unknown.

Why is this you may ask? Well, its because horror movies have their own built in audience. If you make a bullshit horror film, people like me are going to go see it because we have an unhealthy addiction to shitty horror films. A it becomes a pleasant surprise when you expect shit and get gold.( Case in point the film "Babadook").

So in short, I feel like the era of found footage needs to come to an end. I'm sorry people that enjoy the shaky camera, but I already chose to come to a movie to escape normal life. I don't need an actor carrying around a cellphone running through hallways for an hour and a half while most of the footage is footage of a floor.

Fuck The Blair Witch Project, you made this happen, I hate you.


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