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While Wayward Pines has had its mixed reviews from the start, I am an advocate for this great show. It does something that all of us have wished for in a mini series unlike the show Under the Dome. It actually ends. While most older short run shows have done this before, lately, they want to make more. Under The Dome is the best example, it really should have ended the first season. In fact it was suppose to. Now I can't say Wayward Pines won't go down the same route but at least we got some sort of end.

Wayward Pines is about a man, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) who wakes up in a mysterious town with no clue to how he got there. The season brings us up to speed pretty quickly. He is now trapped in a town that obeys the orders of strangers who make phone calls to them. You cannot talk about your past outside of the town. If you do and make a ruckus, the good Sheriff Pope (Terrence Howard) will have to reckon you. Which just means he is going to slit your throat in front of the whole town.

Time for a Reckoning!
Time for a Reckoning!

Soon his family finds their way into Wayward Pines. This is when everything really starts hitting the fan. By the time we arrive to episode 5 "The Truth" we get a lot of the mysteries answered. I will be going into heavy spoilers past this point so turn around if you hate being spoiled. Okay so in "The Truth" we find out why they are in the town. It turns out that the town doctor, Dr. Jenkins is actually David Pilcher. He apparently saw what the future would bring so he froze a bunch of bodies to safe the world, in the future. And guess what, humans don't exist anymore. At least not what we would call a human. 2000 years after all being frozen, Wayward Pines is what is left of humanity. And what is outside those gates is a creature called the Abby's, they look like vampires and eat human flesh.

An Abby has its eye on you!
An Abby has its eye on you!

This is the bench point of the series and it only escalates after that episode. A resistance forms and blows up some kids. They also blow a whole through the fence that is actually protecting them. Pilcher is a crazy man who can't see beyond his own egocentric beliefs. Ethan Burke is Sheriff after killing of Sheriff Pope. The creepy school has a group called the First Generation that is creepily reminiscent of the Nazi Youth. All of this craziness makes this show great. I want spoil to much more and I highly urge you to check it out.

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