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Ever since the companion series to the wildly successful The Walking Dead was announced, it's been debated whether Fear the Walking Dead will share any crossovers with its sibling show, and today it happened - well, kinda!

In an image posted to AMC's official Walking Dead Twitter account on Friday, it showed that a crossover between the cast of The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead has happened, and it looked glorious. Check it out for yourself:

When two shows become one?! Well, before you start getting excited (or annoyed) at a future crossover between the two shows, it seems more than likely that this image comes from the Television Critics' Association (TCA) press tour event rather than from on set.

Fear the Walking Dead cast
Fear the Walking Dead cast

In reality, a crossover between the two shows seems to be incredibly unlikely due to the settings and timelines of both series. While the current season of The Walking Dead is set about 547 days after the apocalypse in Georgia, Fear the Walking Dead will be set in LA at the very beginning of the outbreak. The first season of Fear will explore much of the time that Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead spent in his coma (a length of about 60 days).

Rick's coma meant a time jump in The Walking Dead
Rick's coma meant a time jump in The Walking Dead

During the TCA panel, showrunner Dave Erickson was very clear that the first Season of Fear the Walking Dead will contain no Walking Dead easter eggs, saying:

"There are no crossover plans right now. I would love to see those stories conflate at some point, but there are no plans to do so… There’s no intention of having Easter eggs or character references."

While this is slightly disappointing, after all, finding easter eggs in episodes is always super fun, it does solidify the fact that Fear the Walking Dead will very much be its own show and not rely on what The Walking Dead has already set up. Also, it sounds very much like Erickson has left the door open to possible crossovers in future seasons - after all, never say never!

Fear the Walking Dead will premier on August 23rd and The Walking Dead Season 6 will premier on October 11th, both on AMC.

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