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After the weekend dominance of "[Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation](tag:373501)", it's safe to say that Tom Cruise still has some star power here in the states. After many years of living down that one moment with Oprah Winfrey and the article after article of his connection with Scientology. We should start seeing his movies for the quality rather than the actors past transgressions.

Tom Cruise on Oprah May 23rd, 2005
Tom Cruise on Oprah May 23rd, 2005

Since then he's had many movies be over shadowed by that moment. No matter how much work he puts in and how good the movies are, his box office numbers were never "Tom Cruise-like". A lot of people contributed that to his connection to Scientology and his actions on "Oprah". Which at first, and I will admit to this, I was a culprit. After last years "Edge of Tomorrow", I've started to see that no matter what it is that he does in his life, the movies he is a part of are actually good enough to watch. He has had his flops in the past few years, but there has been some good ones.

Tom Cruise in "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014)
Tom Cruise in "Edge of Tomorrow" (2014)

"Edge of Tomorrow" opened my eyes to what I started to think was a really unfair prejudgment of his movies. Going in the reviews were more on the negative side than they were optimistic. I ended up watching it in the theaters, which was the first time I've been in the theaters to see a Tom Cruise movie since "War of the Worlds". I left the theater fairly entertained, the concept was taken from "Groundhog Day", but their take on it was very entertaining. Yes, there are some people that will dissect the movie all the way down to it's core, but on entertainment value alone, we liked it. Since then we've been going back and watching some of his movies from the past years that we've missed.

Not many people/reviewers would like to admit that Tom Cruise still has star power. Nor would they admit that removing his personal life aside he still has the acting skills to pull off a majority of different roles, and from what I can tell in the past years, he puts his own body on the line to provide quality entertainment. Something that I appreciate more than his personal life. He wants to bring practical entertainment, while avoiding green screens as much as he can. For that dedication to OUR entertainment and for sacrifice he makes at times. I'm OK with saying that we enjoy watching Tom Cruise movies.

Yes, I know what you might be thinking. "Who cares?" right. Well, as per the many articles and reviews out there, seems like a lot of people do. Claiming that his star power is back, claiming that his box office draw is rising. After watching a few prior movies like "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" and "Jack Reacher", I came to the conclusion that it's about time we start liking Tom Cruise not for his personal life, but for the quality of the films he's in and only judging the movies for their entertainment value alone.


Which is your favorite most recent Tom Cruise movie?


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