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A couple of months ago an image was released by Netflix showing silhouettes of 4 unmistakable characters, which got the internet going and fans going mad.

That's right! A poster advertising a Netflix original series for A Series of Unfortunate Events. Which I think you'll agree is rather exciting. Especially since the last time we saw the Baudelaire orphans was back in 2004 where we saw Jim Carrey take on the role of Count Olaf, and also saw the likes of Billy Connolly, Meryl Streep, Timothy Spall and Jude Law who narrated the movie as Lemony Snicket himself, and I think we can all agree that we never saw a sequel that carried on from the books, which is why it was such a buzz to see this poster for the first time!

It was even more of a buzz when a trailer was released on YouTube labelled 'A Very Unfortunate Teaser' which if you haven't seen I highly suggest you check it out below.

Seeing this sent shivers down my spine as it reminded me of when I read the books and noticing small details such as a plans of The Lucky Smells Lumbermill and a Lachrymose Leech in a jar, not to mention a nod to Klaus with the books and the glasses on top of them and the hair with the ribbon fall to the table which of course is Violet. And especially the eye itself which is somewhat of a trademark throughout the books and we even see Count Olaf, well...sorta, we see a hand kill a spider and a shadow of his face with his long nice and wild hair.

Unfortunately however (no pun intended) it was revealed that this trailer was Fan-Made as Netflix commented on the video saying.

"Nope, this isn't an official Netflix teaser, but we won't call Count Olaf - THIS IS MOST MARVELOUS."

Now this could be something Netflix are doing on purpose to try and trick the fans into believing this is fan made to follow the story arcs within the books which would be very clever, but either way it still gives you the feel of Nostalgia watching it.

Now, i'm still not certain whether this series will be animated or live action and how they will do it, if they plan to one book each series or every episode will be one book which would only be 13 episodes. Personally I hope they do a book each series as I'd like to see as much of each book in the show as possible. And as far as the live action/animated question is concerned, looking at the silhouettes, you can see they're clearly not real people but that may well be just what they looked like in the books, but if it does turn out to be live action I wanted to make a fan casting entry and see what you guys thought of my ideas. I will only be casting the main characters: Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Mr. Poe, Lemony Snicket and the villain Count Olaf as casting the entire characters from all 13 books would take far too long!

Sophie Turner as Violet Baudelaire

Violet is the oldest of the Baudelaire Orphans being 14 years old, she is known for her love of inventing things and always ties her hair up when she is thinking of new things to invent. Being quiet young yet highly intelligent and well spoken I have decided to cast Sophie Turner as her, reasons being she has that tall slender look like Violet and she is used to playing a character whose had to grow up quickly after losing her parents in Game Of Thrones and she is at that age where she can get away with playing a younger character, plus also she has played a character in a dark story which gives her the edge and I think she'd be perfect for the eldest Baudelaire. And before I get the "She can't play Violet she has red hair" I'm sure with the miracle of brown hair dye it would work.

Asa Butterfield as Klaus Baudelaire

Klaus is the middle sibling of the three being 12 years old, he has a love of books and enjoys gaining knowledge from them so other than the fact Asa Butterfield looks like Klaus, he is young and could get away with looking younger than Sophie. He is a very good actor and he's British (going for a British casting if you haven't noticed) and he started acting at just 8 years old so he has plenty of experience especially with The Boy in the Striped Pajamas where he had to play again a very dark role.

??? as Sunny Baudelaire

This was a tough one as there isn't many baby actresses out there, so I have left this one as i'd imagine they would hold auditions for Sunny's part and cast an unknown infant to play her.

Toby Jones as Mr. Poe

As much as Id love to see Timothy Spall reprise his role I don't think that would be possible so instead I've chosen to cast Toby Jones as the unreliable banker with a sneezing problem as I think he already has the look of Mr. Poe and he gives off that somewhat comedic charm which describes Mr. Poe, who is trying to look after the Orphans yet fails to do so many times which I think would be perfect for Jones.

James D'Arcy as Lemony Snicket

Another tough one as I wanted to find a British actor who looked the part as well as sounded it as Lemony Snicket is of course the Narrator and the character documenting the Baudelaire's story and he also appears in the book so I chose James D'Arcy as he is an amazing actor and he is very well spoken and has a posh accent when speaking which is why I think he'd make an amazing Lemony Snicket.

And now for the moment of Truth, The character you've all been waiting for, The horrible, dastardly, menacing villain of the series, Count Olaf and I have chosen none other than...

Peter Capaldi as Count Olaf

Now come on! The resemblance is uncanny! Hes got the grey hair already, the eyebrow and almost the nose right, with the help of a little prosthetics and make-up, He would look perfect for the role of Count Olaf, Now I know some of you will say Jim Carrey cannot be replaced and as much as I would love to see him reprise the role I doubt it would happen which is why I have chosen Peter Capaldi instead as he has a lot of experience in television portraying Doctor Who and he has shown he can portray many different types of roles which will be needed to play Count Olaf in his many disguises and who wouldn't want to see Peter Capaldi in a dress and with with too much make-up!

So that's all from me, let me know what you think of my fan casting and comment below you're suggestions for the main characters and even the rest of the characters within the series and I hope you're excited as I am to watch it when it comes out in 2016!


Who is excited for A Series of Unfortunate Events to come onto Netflix?


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