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If you revisit Fifty Shades of Grey as a movie, you'll realize that it's actually a weirdly insular experience, with the entire story defined by the perspectives of Christian and Ana. That's to be expected of course. Fifty Shades as a concept is complete fan servicing fantasy, and any suggestion that a group of three-dimensional, compelling characters be introduced to the mix would likely be laughed off by author, EL James.

That doesn't mean she didn't try introducing other characters in Fifty Shades Darker. Most of these characters are in service of solidifying the two leads, and making their relationship seem more unbreakable, but hey, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth. We can always demand better, so in the face of the upcoming Fifty Shades Darker movie, let's take a look at the characters we'll see in this sequel, and how they'll be brought to life as opposed to their on-the-page counterparts!

Elena Lincoln

Elena Lincoln as she appeared in the books!
Elena Lincoln as she appeared in the books!

I really hope these characters are approached more lovingly in this movie than in the book. Sure, a character like Elena Lincoln is ostensibly a villain, but she's also a mincing Mrs Robinson figure who introduced Christian Grey to a BDSM lifestyle. She should be a hilarious romp, but the movie risks approaching her with vitriolic vilification just as Ana does, when so much could be done with her. My fingers are crossed that Elena turns out to be the kind of villain we can really enjoy. That's that. Oh and who could play her? Uh... Julianne Moore. Why not?

Leila Williams

Here's another example of how Fifty Shades Darker could gladly be the most glorious trash if it's able to resist the urge to ape the book's very straight faced tone. The character of Leila Williams could be totally played up to an almost parodic degree, and that would be great. What is crazy is the names of actresses getting thrown around willy nilly by news outlets. Kendall Jenner and even Lily Allen have been brought up for the lolz.

Most shockingly was perpetual next big thing, Cara Delvingne being thrown into the mix for having the sheer gaul to repost an Instagram from leading lady, Dakota Johnson. You gotta be careful when you're an "it" girl. One minute, you're browsing Instagram, the next, you're having to star as the emotional baggage in the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie!

Jack Hyde

Bad boy!
Bad boy!

I've written about what else could be done with the character of Jack Hyde here! I'll make no effort to hide the fact that it would be more interesting in Fifty Shades Darker to have Jack Hyde be an affable dishy dreamboat rather than a skeezy equivalent of a fairground operator who somehow landed a job as head of a publishing company. What's most interesting about this character is the potential casting surrounding him. Superman himself, Henry Cavill, was last week outed as a particularly naughty boy for leading fans along with rumors that he could be playing Jack Hyde. I have to admire Cavill for being willing to play the overly eager casting-sphere.

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