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As a moviegoer/ mega geek, I always encounter this phenomenon called the Hate Train, and I am sure many of you are aware, or have gotten aboard a Hate Train, (Michael Bay, Evolve video game, etc.) what I never really understand is why? Why do people get on Hate Trains? I wondered why this phenomenon happens and why do people do this? I asked the wonderful people of the MP community for their opinions and why, these are some of the results and my take on their quotes, shout-out to those who participated so here we go.

"Because jumping on a bandwagon or even a hate train makes the average fan or person feel like they're a part of a group, a step above the average person. More refined or cultured, or whatever."

This is an interesting point and in certain cases I believe this is true. Sometimes I think it is like the old fairy tale the Emperor's New Clothes by Hans Christen Anderson. The story goes that two weavers promise the Emperor new clothes that are invisible to all those who are unworthy, stupid, or incompetent, since no one naturally wants to admit that they do not see anything, (including the Emperor). I feel like Hate Trains are like the reverse where people will jump on the bandwagon (in this case the hatred of certain movies) because they fear that if they admit/ didn't completely hate a film that so many people say are horrible films, people will think they are stupid/ moronic or have horrible taste in movies. As a fan of Transformers, I get this all the time, if I object to people who say they are the worst movie ever made, I am met with zealot like rage like I am spewing heresy. Is this the reason for Hate Trains? Let's look at another quote shall we?

"Alright well i'll try and make it short. The reason why people involve themselves in Hate Trains (which i have been known to do before) is because we all have anger built up inside of us. Whether it's from something from the past that we have yet to face, or something in the present that we refuse to face. So every time you see something that you don't agree with, that built up anger comes out and is thrown in the direction of someones different opinion. If we were to face those problems of ours head on, then we wouldn't be so angry on the inside, and wouldn't feel the need to lash out every time we witness something that we don't agree with. I hope that made sense!"

This is more of a psychological reason, and is more gear towards why people on Hate Trains lash out and those who don't agree, so we must asks ourselves, are we really angry at the different opinion or because we have a problem inwards? Maybe, and maybe not?

This brings me to my next point, NOSTALGIA, is this part of the reason why people get on Hate Trains because they are pumped full of nostalgia? is it because they expected their romanticized version of a series?

The problem with expecting an adaptation or remake will live up to said nostalgia is that it will 99.9% FAIL. The reason why I say that this is the case is because nostalgia is an abstract feeling therefore it varies from person to person. It is difficult to appease this here's another quote that backs this up:

"People need to learn to take off the Nostalgia Goggles when they see an adaptation or a remake. It's not supposed to be EXACTLY THE SAME as the original property. It's never GOING to be, and here's why.Everyone sees things differently. We all have different ways of viewing and envisioning things, like what's cool and what's not cool. This includes how a story should be told. All movies, at their core, are stories that are being told on a screen. The Director's job is to figure out how the story is going to be told. People jump on the hate train when they have a fixed image in their mind and get into the mindset of "THIS is the only way that this story can be told, any other way is trash." When you go into ANYTHING with "My Way or the Highway" mentality, you're going to be disappointed. It's a simple fact. So, people go into the movie with that stubborn attitude, and *big shock* the director did something different than what they thought was the only way to do it. So they end up spewing hate."

This explains some Hate Trains, but what about others? Sometimes even critics jump aboard one theory is to make themselves see cultured as this quote from my post puts it.

Some movies especially when they're critiqued by Rotten Tomatoes are ripped to shreds but sometimes without reason. To prove my point, let's look at a movie Dracula Untold. Critics gave it a 23%, and users gave it a 59%. That is is a 36% difference, my father and I went to see this movie, unsure of what to expect and we actually enjoyed this movie and scratched our heads wondering, "Why does this movie have a 23%?' So did critics deliberately snuff this movie to make themselves look better? Maybe, maybe not. Lastly I am going to close with this quote.

"Well, all film is subjective. Just because Tony Gee or James Thomas, or anyone else says that a movie is shit, doesn't mean that people who like it should be shamed for it, or that other works by a director who made a bad film should be avoided like the plague.Remember, Heath Ledger gave us The Joker in "The Dark Knight", but he also gave us "The Order". M.Night Shamalan gave us "The Last Airbender" and "After Earth" but he also gave us Stuart Little and The Sixth Sense"

I am sure there are many more reasons for Hate Trains than the ones stated here, and encourage you all to share what Hate Trains are you on/participated in and why you did. And lastly I leave you with this video enjoy :)

But seriously please comment, and once again shout-out to the people who responded with my post to help me make this article and have a nice day.


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