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So recently it was announced that Chris Pine would be portraying Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman's love interest, on the big screen. However, before Chris Pine was announced, it was rumoured that Scott Eastwood was pegged for the role, as he is appearing in Suicide Squad in 2016.

Another rumour that has been circulating for a while now was that Deathstroke is set to make his debut in Suicide Squad, as Amanda Waller's bodyguard. This then ties in with yet ANOTHER rumour that Scott Eastwood is, in fact, playing a character by the name of Slade Wilson, also known as - you guessed it (or knew it, most likely the latter) - Deathstroke. Which means Deathstroke is not established in the DC Cinematic Universe, and could also mean he could be set up by the end of this movie.

So, by my account, and a load of rumours I presume to be true because I'm gullible to anything Suicide Squad related, Deathstroke himself will not be appearing, but Slade Wilson will.


Do you think Scott Eastwood is Slade Wilson/Deathstroke?

I would love to see Slade Wilson as an established character by the end of Suicide Squad. A character who is as-much a fan-favourite as Slade Wilson however, would need some space for character development in the movie, to later on introduce his alter-ego, Deathstroke.


Short article, I know.

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