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I know this review is late, but I had some problem that needed to be taken care of before seeing this movie. Anyway, I went with a friend of mine (whom also has the same first name as I do) I came out with mixed feelings. I have several gripes with this movie, one of which is just the character in general: Ant-Man, I had reserves when the movie was first announced because his power is that, you guessed it, he SHRINKS. Ant-Man isn't that cool of a hero to begin with, and this movie tries its hardest to make a man who shrinks compelling and cool. So did they succeed? In a way, I guess? The film is mediocre in my opinion, but it is the best film they can do with that character, if that makes any kind of sense. The movie is very slow but not to the point where it became 100% boring, this is due mostly to the humor. The movie is humorous as a whole, but to be honest I felt that some of the funniest parts of the film were shown in the trailer where Yellow Jacket and Ant Man duke it out, those bits were the funniest.

The rest of movie is more of the humor that gives a half chuckle and an occasional laugh but until the showdown, there isn't any part where I was legitimately laughing out loud even though I expected the movie should've been this sort of funny because once again, Ant-Man. He's a character that is extremely difficult to take seriously therefore the only logical way to do an Ant-Man movie is to make it funny. I digress this may be a bit nit-picky. The cast was phenomenal and the chemistry between the actors are excellent and in some ways more dynamic than other marvel films.

The villain is generic and he's honestly the worst part of the film, Yellow Jacket is extremely forgettable, he looks awesome and vicious but he doesn't do anything cool until the last twenty-minutes and I feel like he was underutilized to a degree. The effects are great although at times they do look a little fake especially when they cut to a wide shot of ant-sized Ant-Man running or doing things, he looks fake. It didn't ruin my experience at all but just something to point out. The movie isn't bad, I recommend it but I feel like it is a tad over hyped, it just had this nagging feeling of, "I've seen this before" and it just seems ...typical and a tad formulaic, I wasn't really surprised or wowed by the movie as a whole and I don't believe it is the best of the MCU. It is somewhere in the middle for me.


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