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This Friday, Marvel’s first family arrives in theaters in the 21st century reboot, The Fantastic Four. This will mark the third time that the somewhat dysfunctional, yet loving, family has been depicted on the big screen. As we countdown the days until its arrival, here are 12 facts you ought to know about the film:

1. Sue Storm Casting

Actresses Saoirse Ronan, Allison Williams, Emmy Rossum and Margot Robbie auditioned for the role of Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman before Kate Mara was cast.

2. Reed Richards Casting

Kit Harington, Anton Yelchin, Richard Madden and Jack O'Connell all auditioned for the role of Reed Richards/Mister Fantastic before Miles Teller landed the part.

3. Dr. Doom Casting

Before Toby Kebbell was cast as Dr. Doom, actors Eddie Redmayne, Jack Huston, Domhnall Gleeson and Sam Riley were considered.

4. Film Influences

According to the filmmakers, the influence for the film were Sam Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy, David Cronenberg's sci-films The Fly & Scanners, and Josh Trank's Chronicle.

5. MCU Connection

Both Tim Blake Nelson and Kate Mara have previously appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Nelson appeared in The Incredible Hulk as Samuel Sterns and Mara had appeared in Iron Man 2 as a U.S. Marshal.

6. Orange is the New Black & 24 connections.

At one point Orange is the New Black actress Samira Wiley was considered for the role of Susan Storm/The Invisible Woman, while Kiefer Sutherland was the original choice for Ben Grimm.

7. Motion Capture Advice

For his role as The Thing, Jamie Bell consulted his The Adventures of Tintin co-star and motion capture artist Andy Serkis for advice.

8. Robot Chicken connection.

Kate Mara had previously appeared in the "Catdog on a Stick" episode of Robot Chicken (2014) as the Invisible Woman.

9. DC Animated Universe Connection

Michael B. Jordan voiced Cyborg in the DC animated film, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox.

10. That Awkward Moment connection.

Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan previously starred together in the 2014 romantic comedy.

11. House of Cards and The Wire connection

Reg E. Cathey (Franklin Storm) had previously starred with Kate Mara (Susan Storm) on House of Cards (2013) and with Michael B. Jordan (Johnny Storm) on the The Wire (2002).

12. Johnny Storm Casting

Josh Trank's first choice to play Johnny Storm was Michael B. Jordan.



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