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Nowadays , people are more excited about superhero movies..but forgot about

Quentin Tarantino upcoming movie The hateful 8. i am excited about this movie too along with batman vs superman , deadpool , starwars and many other superhero movies, but this movie is also in my list. Reason

1. Quentin tarantino is directing The hateful BAD Motherf**ker

2. Ennio Morricone is a music composer in this movie he is well known for his western country side background music which is awesome in "once upon a time in west" listen to this awesome shit..

3. Many great actor like Samuel L. Jackson , kurt russell,etc is this movie and also 'Magic Mike' may be join this movie (rumored )

4. Its about old times when everything is hard for survive.. and only thing matter is money..

5.Gun firing

Small article. sorry about that


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