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No Sarah Jane. She set the bar for independent companions. She solidly stood by the Timelord across multiple regenerations - always getting it right. Only Dr. Martha Jones exhibited the same measure of competence as Sarah Jane. Martha saved the Doctor in "The Year that Time forgot", "Family of Blood", etc..., with a chemistry that was palpable. Like many, you fail to recognize that Doctor was also in love with Martha. Yes, love. But this time he was playing it slow. Unfortunately too slow, by the time he realized his true feelings for Martha, Mickey had made his move! Indeed, Mickey Smith's character grew in a way that no other companion did - he went from Mickey the Idiot to "Wooing" away Martha from The Doctor at "The End of Time"! Unbelievably, for such a Rose fanatic as you undoubtedly are, you failed to mention Jackie Tyler, who was awesome in the supporting cast. Rose would not have been half the character she was without her Mom playing the wisecracking sidekick. Get a grip! This list needed a major upgrade, which I just provided.

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