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Some of the best minds behind horror movies know that when it comes to scaring an audiences, sometimes less is more. When it comes to cinema's most iconic monsters and villains, a great director knows that creating the proper environment and mindset for the viewer is just as important as the unveiling of the beast itself.

Although we often leave the theater haunted by the images and mannerisms of these characters, their lasting impression has little to do with their screen time. With that in mind, I've collected some rough estimates of the on-screen time of 10 iconic horror characters, the results might surprise you!

1. Nosferatu, Nosferatu (1922)

Running time: 1 hour 46 minutes
First seen: 20:25
Total screen time: 8 minutes 40 seconds

2. Godzilla, Godzilla (1954)

Running time: 1 hour 38 minutes
First seen: 24:10
First full shot: 46:30
Total screen time: 7 minutes 55 seconds

3. The Blob, The Blob (1958)

Running time: 1 hour 26 minutes
First seen: 21:47
Total screen time: 1 minute 25 seconds

4. Bruce, Jaws (1975)

Running time: 2 hours 10 minutes
First seen: 16:28
First full shot: 1:16:00
Total screen time: 4 minutes

5. Xenomorph, Alien (1979)

Running time: 1 hour 57 minutes
First seen: 56:20
First full shot: 1:08:00
Total screen time: 3 minutes 35 seconds

6. Pinhead, Hellraiser (1987)

Running time: 1 hour 34 minutes
First seen: 5:04
Total screen time: 7:15

7. Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs (1991)

Running time: 2 hour 18 minutes
First seen: 12:30
Total screen time: 16 minutes

8. Aliens, Signs (2002)

Running time: 1 hour 47 minutes
First seen: 38:11
First full shot: 58:19
Total screen time: 1 minute 50 seconds

9. Clover, Cloverfield (2008)

Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes
First seen: 21:23
First full shot: 1:04:00
Total screen time: 3 minutes 25 seconds

10. Cooper, Super 8 (2011)

Running time: 1hour 52 minutes
First seen: 38:30
First full shot: 1:24:00
Total screen time: 2 minutes 30 seconds

In short, it didn't take long at all for these characters to freak me out! Based on these numbers, I think when it comes to the horror, thriller, and sci-fi genres - less really is more.

(Source: Yahoo!, Netflix)


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