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There are a whole bunch of Disney villains out there who have cultivated the lights and placed the spotlight firmly upon themselves. Some of the most popular vilains include Maleficent, The Evil Queen and Scar. Let's not be forgetting the less acknowledged villains who are just as manipulative and trouble making. Disney is releasing announcement after announcement about live-actions coming our way. Maleficent has already scored herself a feature film and Cruella de Vil is getting one too, amongst others. But what about those other underrated villains who deserve their own movies? Time to bring these characters out of the darkness and into the light.

5. Claude Frollo from The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Claude is one of the most delusional Disney villains of all. While the rest of the troublesome villains cast are mostly well aware that what they do is wrong - either choosing not to care or even worse, taking pride in their actions - this foolish character believes that he is a good person hiding behind the mask of believing he does good for God. As much as I totally disliked this arrogant, devious and blasphemous character, part of me wants him to get his own movie. My reason? Well, I just want to see those three energetic goblins Victor, Hugo, and Laverne cause mayhem while antagonizing Claude. Maybe these three lovable characters can transform his heart of stone into a human heart again.

Who could play Claude?

Sir Ian Mckellen as Claude Frollo

Ian Mckellen was fantastic as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings. He has already started filming for the new live action of Beauty and The Beast, where he will be playing Cogsworth. He should join the dark side of Disney next and take on the role of the ruthless Judge Claude Frollo.

4. Queen Narissa from Enchanted

Disney sure went to another level of modern when they introduced Queen Narissa as the super stylish villain with a sexy edge, allowing the worlds of classic Disney to collide with a new modern twist. Queen Narissa pretty much took a leaf out of many familiar villains' books in Enchanted. She sure utilized the Evil Queen's hag disguise; then there was the apple and then she turned into a pretty badass dragon in the style of Maleficent. And of course she was an evil stepmother in the style of Lady Tremaine. With all this insane amount of powers mixed with a touch of black magic and a pinch of the best and worst traits of classic villains. Who knows what kinda trouble she could cause starring in her own movie!

Who should play Queen Narissa?

Susan Sarandon as Queen Narissa

Actress Susan Sarandon was so epic as Queen Narissa and is totally irreplaceable. The actress is so charismatic and has a real understanding of the master manipulator. I cannot imagine anyone who could dominate Andalasia better than Susan!

3. Yzma from The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma, just like many of the other Disney villains, comes in shades of purple and black. Surprisingly this malicious little lady's design was inspired by Cruella De Vil. I wonder who would win in the battle of the catwalk! This villain totally loathes that stylish looking dude Kuzco and is set on being the most beautiful in the land. Other characters call her 'scary beyond all reason' but this does not stop her comically eccentric attitude and how awesome she thinks she is!

Who should play Yzma?

Anjelica Huston as Yzma


I just adore this actress, she sent shivers down my spine when she played the Grand High Witch in the adaption of The Witches. My favorite role she has played, however, has to be Morticia Addams in The Addams Family. Anjelica was just beyond perfect for the role, and so believable. I could totally imagine her as Yzma and would love to see her go back to her horroresque roots!

2. Chernabog from Fantasia

At a first glance this villain looks like the devil and action man had a lovechild (hey, who said the devil had to be a guy?). Chernabog is a ruthless monster who is feared by anyone who encounters him and is one of the most powerful villains out there. Walt Disney definitely was not messing around when he unleashed this villain into Fantasia and you may have spotted him in other films like House of Mouse or, for gamers out there, Kingdom Hearts. A fun fact about this character is that he is based on the God of the night from Slavic mythology. Chernabog can singlehandedly unleash hell and it's about time he had his own live-action!

Who should play Chernabog?

Andy Serkis as Chernabog

It still blows my mind that the voice of Gollum comes from a person. I am sure Andy has plenty of voices locked away that he could use for Chernabog and it would be fantastic to see him in the role.

1. Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective

I am a huge fan of Vincent Price who originally voiced this wealth hungry and troublesome critter! Ratigan nailed some of the finest dance moves around and even had his own song dedicated to him called 'The World's Greatest Criminal Mind.' Just like the female villains, this character is totally stylish and looks like he has ran away with Dracula's wardrobe! He really turns terrifying though, when he becomes enraged, turning feral, starting a riot all by himself! With all these female villains getting their own live-actions, let's not forget the iconic male characters.

Here is a reminder of Ratigan's suave moves!

Who should play Ratigan

Johnny Depp as Ratigan

While I think it is a total crime to even think about replacing the iconic horror actor Vincent Price, as this actor is sadly no longer with us I had to make a choice. Johnny proved that he can sing in Sweeney Todd and he pulled out some incredible moves in Cry Baby, so he would have loads of experience to bring to the role. Johnny is incredible at taking on a whole variety of characters and I thought he was great as the villainous wolf in Into The Woods, it would be amazing to see him as Ratigan!

These are just 5 of many incredible underrated villains. If I have missed your favorite one out, post it below!


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