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Brothers. They can be awesome, they can be a nuisance, or they can be a power hungry villain with the intent on ruling the world. That's the case for these 2 antagonistic brothers, who I am pitting in a battle to the death on this Battle Arena.


Vergil is the brother to the protagonist of the Devil May Cry video game series, Dante. With them being the offspring to the demon Sparda, making them human/demon hybrids, Dante rejects his demon side, embracing his humanity, while Vergil does the complete opposite, making him an incredible powerhouse.


  • Immense Strength- Being half demon, Vergil possesses vast superhuman strength, allowing him to physically overpower demons much larger than himself. He can break solid stone as it is nothing, and lift many tons with ease.
  • Blinding Speed- Unlike his brother Dante, Vergil doesn't rely on brute force, rather focusing on speed and precision. In result, Vergil is an incredibly fast opponent. He can cross long distances in the blink of an eye, slice through bullets with his blades, and can slice through his opponents so quickly that they don't even realize they have been slain until he sheathes his sword.
  • Immense Durability- Vergil possesses immense durability due to his demonic heritage. Which, in result, allow him to tank many attacks without feeling a thing.
  • Regenerative powers- Like his brother, Vergil possesses a healing factor. If his already incredible durability fails him, Vergil can still heal and regenerate from any injury he receives. From getting stabbed through the chest or shot in the head, Vergil's demonic powers allow him to survive it all.
  • Teleportation- Vergil has the ability to teleport as well, allowing him to appear anywhere on the battlefield instantly.
  • Master Swordsman- Vergil is definitely the most skilled swordsman in the Devil May Cry series, surpassing Dante, only being outperformed by his father Sparda. Vergil can slice through speeding bullets with ease, along with falling raindrops precisely.
  • Yamato- Vergil's main signature blade is the nigh indestructible katana known as Yamato. Vergil is so skilled with this blade, he even utilizes the scabbard in battle.
  • Force Edge- The unawakened form of the Sword of Sparda, the Force Edge is a powerful blade of godly power. Vergil uses this as well, despite it not being his main weapon.
  • Beowulf- A pair of gauntlets and greaves, Beowulf allows Vergil to enhance his already incredible physical strength and striking power, while utilizing light in his attacks.
  • Summoned Swords- Vergil despises firearms, considering them to be dishonorable. So for long range attacks, Vergil projects energy swords that he fires at an opponent. Being able to create as many as needed, this allows Vergil to attack from a far with no hindrance.
  • Devil Trigger- Vergil has the ability to release his full demonic power through his Devil Trigger. This enhances Vergil's already incredible physical attributes even further, making him stronger, faster, more durable. This also enhances his regenerative powers, allowing him to heal even faster and more efficient than before. However, the Devil Trigger is limited in time, forcing Vergil to use as it as fast and effective as possible in the limited time he has left.

Vergil is one of the most powerful characters in Devil May Cry, but how does he compare to Loki? Lets find out.


The God of Mischief, Loki is the jealous, power hungry, brother of Thor. Upon finding out that he is part Frost Giant, Loki developed the need to conquer all of the 9 realms, with the intent of killing his brother Thor. Loki is a master manipulator and trickster, making him one of the most formidable foes in the Marvel Universe.


  • Superhuman Strength- Loki possesses massive strength thanks to his Godly heritage. Being able to lift 50 tons without the aid of magic, Loki can effortlessly destroy a building with a single punch. Loki can also enhance his strength further with mystical aid.
  • Superhuman Durability- Loki physiology grants him dense tissue and has incredible durability equal to that of an average Asgardian male. Loki is completely bulletproof and normal blades cannot pierce his skin if not enhanced by magic, or if wielded by one with superhuman strength. Loki has been punched by Spider-Man and tanked blasts from the Mandarin's rings without even flinching.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor- Loki, like the Asgardians, possesses a healing factor if he does receive injury. However, due to his sorcery, Loki's healing factor is incredibly superior than other Asgardians. This allows him to reattach limbs and he has even reattached his head after getting decapitated.
  • Sorcery- Loki is a master sorcerer. Being able to create many mystical attacks in combat, from enhancing his already incredible physical prowess, to a vast amount of other abilities. Silver Surfer once stated that Loki's power were capable of decimating a planet.
  • Telekinesis- Loki's sorcery grants him telekinesis, allowing him to move objects with his mind.
  • Energy Manipulation- Loki can project mystical energies for offensive capabilities, like firing blasts, or can project highly durable force fields for defense.
  • Astral Projection- Loki has the ability to create Astral projections of himself, which assists him in fooling the enemy.
  • Teleportation- Loki can teleport anywhere he wants, including other dimensions.
  • Shapeshifting- Loki has the ability to transform into anything he can imagine, from animals, to other people, to even inanimate objects. He can also transform other objects into anything wants, once transforming a cloud into a dragon. However, these powers are his most taxing and "soul draining", weakening him more than his other abilities.
  • Expert Hand to Hand Combatant- Loki has incredible fighting skills, being able to hold his own against the likes of Thor on many occasions.
  • Scepter- Loki's signature weapon is a scepter, which he uses to project his energy blasts from, and to use in melee combat.

These 2 evil siblings to Dante and Thor are incredibly powerful, but who stands tall in this battle, lets find out.


(The front doors to an Asgardian Palace suddenly open. A man with a long tan hooded cloak enters the building. Across the room reveals Loki, the God of Mischief, who is seen sitting on a throne with his fingers crossed.)

Loki: Who do we have here?

(The man removes the cloak, revealing to be Vergil, who grips the handle of his blade, Yamato.)

Vergil: I, the Son of Sparda, am here to rid this plane of your existence.

Loki: May I ask why you intend to do that?

Vergil: I need to explanation for my goals, but no you shall perish.

(Vergil appears directly in front of Loki, and then pierces him in the gut with Yamato. Loki grabs Vergil and holds him in place, smiling maniacally. Loki lifts Vergil and smashes him onto the ground, only for Vergil to kick Loki away. Vergil then runs past Loki at blinding speeds, then sheathes his sword, resulting in Loki's chest getting slashed open. Loki falls on his knees.)

Vergil: I was expecting more from you.

(Vergil walks away, only for Loki to get up and teleport in front of Vergil, piercing him in the gut with his scepter.)

Loki: I'm not one willing to fight face to face, but I guess there's a time for everything.

Vergil: Silence.

(Vergil draws Yamato, slashing Loki once again, removing Loki's scepter from his gut. Vergil then quickly thrusts Yamato into Loki, who blocks it with his scepter. Loki smiles and telekinetically pushes Vergil away, only for Vergil to run past Loki instantly, slashing Yamato through him. Vergil looks back, only for Loki to disappear, revealing to be an astral projection. Vergil then quickly swings Yamato behind him, blocking Loki's scepter, which was about to pierce his back. Vergil and Loki swing their weapons at eachother, with Vergil slashing Loki's arm. Vergil then ducks and sends Yamato flying upwards into Loki, stabbing into his chest. Loki's body is enveloped with mystical energies while he smiles. Vergil raises an eyebrow, only for Loki to fire a energy blast that blows Vergil away. Vergil stands on his feet and spins Yamato around while Loki stands, with his wounds healing instantly.)

Loki: We both possess quite the healing factor.

Vergil: Lets see how much damage yours can take.

(Vergil zips across the room multiple times, slashing through Loki with every dash. Vergil spins Yamato around slowly and sheathes it, with the last click causing Loki's chest to burst open and Loki falling on his knees. Vergil looks back and smiles, only for Loki to heal, angering Vergil. Loki then fires a huge energy blast from his scepter at Vergil, who swings Yamato into it, deflecting it. Loki creates numerous Astral projections, confusing Vergil, who simply projects numerous Summoned swords which rapidly fire at the Astral projections until the real Loki is struck in the gut.)

Vergil: Jackpot.

(Vergil teleports in front of Loki, stabs him in the chest, then summons many swords which all simultaneously pierce Loki in the chest. Loki falls on his knees.)

Vergil: Its over.

(Loki teleports behind Vergil and slams his scepter into Vergil's back. Vergil coughs up blood while Loki blasts Vergil away with an energy blast. Vergil slowly gets up, only for Loki to teleport to him and kick him to the ground. Loki telekinetically pushes Yamato away, then stabs Vergil in the chest with his scepter.)

Loki: Is it really over?

(Vergil growls and clenches his fists, then summons many swords behind Loki, and they all pierce him in the back. This allows Vergil to equip Beowulf, allowing him to deliver powerful punches. Vergil punches Loki in the chest, emitting a large light blast that sends Loki flying away. Loki gets up, only to get kicked back down by Vergil, who uses enough force that shatters the ground below them. Vergil then grabs Loki by the neck and sends 3 summoned swords into his chest, then punches him out of the palace. Loki gets up, enveloping his body with mystical energy that heals his body, then as Vergil runs towards Loki, the 2 slam their arms into eachother, with Vergil's strength being increased due to Beowulf, and Loki's strength being increased due to his magical energy. They have a battle of strength, attempting to overpower the other. Loki teleports behind Vergil and punches his fist into Vergil's back, shattering his spin and piercing his torso. Loki smiles and whispers into his ear.)

Loki: Now it is over.

(Vergil yells and elbows Loki in the face, then turns around and grabs Loki, lifitng him into the air and smashing him into the ground. Loki summons his scepter while Vergil pulls out his Force Edge. They clash their blades, with Vergil's blade, shattering Loki's scepter. Loki is stabbed, but disperses, revealing to be another Astral Projection. Vergil quickly thrusts Force Edge behind him, piercing the real Loki in the gut.)

Vergil: Die!

(Vergil removes Force Edge and slashes it at Loki, who creates a force field, which Vergil struggles to penetrate. Loki turns into a flock of birds which fly everywhere, then turns into a dragon, which envelops Vergil with a stream of fire, which Vergil slices through with Force Edge. Vergil jumps in the air and swings Force Edge at Loki in his dragon form, only for Loki to transform into a frost giant and punch Vergil to the ground, then swing a spiked ice club down onto Vergil over and over again. Vergil catches the ice club with his bare hands, then shatters it with his brute strength. Vergil then leaps into the air, piercing straight through Loki's chest, only for Loki to transform back into his human form. Vergil runs and thrusts Force Edge towards Loki, who blasts Vergil with a huge energy blast, sending Vergil flying. Vergil slowly gets up, only to get grabbed by Loki, who teleports to another Dimension, an Arctic Dimension. Vergil is kicked into a glacier, which shatters. Vergil looks and sees many energy orbs circle in the air, then fly at him, only for Vergil to send an equal amount of Summoned Swords at them, creating numerous explosions. Loki flies at Vergil with an energy infused fist, only for Vergil to dodge and sever Loki's arm, but Loki succeeds in grabbing Vergil's throat, using magic to enhance his strength. Vergil's throat is crushed and eventually snapped. Loki tosses Vergil to the ground, then reattaches his arm, only for Vergil to heal from his injuries, then enter Devil Trigger.)

Loki: What the?

(Vergil flies past Loki, stabbing through him, then he proceeds to slash through Loki over and over again. Loki quickly transforms into a Frost Giant and slams his fist down onto Vergil, who catches it with his bare hand and severs his hand with Force Edge. Vergil then leaps in the air, only for Loki to transform into his own self and teleport far away. Loki turns around, only for Vergil to appear. Loki telekinetically holds Vergil in place, but struggles due to his immense power. Loki then teleports Vergil and himself to another dimension full of lava. Loki telekinetically slams Vergil into the lava, but he teleports behind Loki and slashes his back. Loki screams in pain, then emits a huge energy explosion that blows Vergil back. Vergil runs along the lava towards Loki, who transforms the lava into snakes, which lunge at and ensnare Vergil, biting him with their fangs. Vergil slices through them easily, only for Loki to transform into a swarm of bees, which fly away and reform behind Vergil, blasting him in the back with an energy blast. This sends Vergil crashing into the lava and onto the floor below. Loki then transforms into a Rhino and crashes down onto Vergil with his horn, only for Vergil to shatter the Rhino's horn. Loki transforms into his normal self, only for his chest to be slashed open by Vergil with his blinding speed. Loki coughs up blood, but endures the pain and blasts 2 large beams of magical energy at Loki, who dodges the blasts and appears behind Loki, stabbing him through the chest.)

Vergil: The more you transform, the weaker you become, now I can kill you.

(Vergil removes his blade, then is about to kill Loki, only for Vergil's Devil Trigger to run out. Loki smiles and teleports him and Vergil to another dimension, with a rocky terrain. Vergil looks around but is surrounded by Loki projections. They all charge at Vergil, who slices through them with ease. Loki's real self fires a beam of energy at Vergil, who bends backwards, dodging the beam, then rolls to the side and charges at Loki, who telekinetically blasts Force Edge away. Vergil is about to run to grab it, but is punched into a canyon by Loki. Vergil and Loki engage in a hand to hand fight, punching eachother and trading blows. Loki utilizes mystical energies with his attacks, while Vergil uses his Summoned Swords. Vergil slashes Loki's chest diagonally, while Loki blasts Vergil in the chest with 2 energy blasts, senidng him crashing into a nearby canyon, shattering it. Vergil falls to his knees while Loki grabs him by the neck and emits massive amounts of energy from his hand, vaporizing Vergil's head, killing him.)

Winner = Loki

Reason: Both Vergil and Loki are incredibly powerful, both skilled in their respective rights. However, their differences prove critical to the outcome of this match. Vergil is calm and collective, allowign him to strategically fight and counter against all of Loki's attack due to his far superior speed and incredible swordsmanship. But Loki possesses incredible durability, strength, and regeneration that outclasses Vergil. Vergil is strong, durable, and has an incredible healing factor himself, but Loki's magic just enhances his to a greater extent. This will allow him to tank and survive all of Vergil's attacks. Loki's fighting style also gives him an advantage. While Vergil is a calm collected precise swordsman, Loki is a mischievous, outwitting, trickster. He will try to trick and outsmart his opponent, and his use of Astral Projections is perfect for that. He will make sure Vergil lets his guard down to the point of letting him deliver some fatal blows. and while Vergil possesses the superior weaponry, and his Devil Trigger would definitely in fact allow him to have equal, if not, superior strength, durability, and healing to Loki's, but the fact that it is limited proves to be his downfall. Loki's unique trickery and tactics along with his superior physicality is what gives him this fight. Loki is the winner.


Dr. Reed Richards
Dr. Reed Richards


Susan Storm
Susan Storm


Johnny Storm
Johnny Storm


Ben Grimm
Ben Grimm

Hello everybody, since the new Fantastic Four movie is coming out this week, I am going to find out which member of the Fantastic Four is superior in my upcoming installment of Battle Arena.


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