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I'll try and keep this one short, as there are so many memories for me. I was 5 years old when this impacted my life.

I must have driven everyone nuts, from my parents to babysitters, after I saw A New Hope. Of course, it wasn't A New Hope back then. It was merely Star Wars. I remember one of my babysitters telling me her favorite part was when Chewbacca roared at that little black droid, causing the little guy to instantly run away. I also remember winning my first spelling bee, and my grandma got me the cassette of the soundtrack as a reward.

When The Empire Strikes Back came, my mom always got a kick out of Han Solo's "laugh it up, fuzzball," line.

The moments that will always stand out to me are as follows:

In A New Hope, I'm always drawn to the scene where Luke's standing on a hill, looking towards the sky. You see the 2 suns in the distance, overlooking the terrain. Nothing has to be said, as you instantly feel Luke's longing. Personally, the entire introductory scenes in a new hope seem to be the most memorable. From the star destroyer firing on Leia's ship to the very first time Vader walks through the door, there was just a sense that we were in for something special the rest of the way.

The Empire Strikes Back will always be my favorite. Vader's bomb shell, "I am your father," is, by far, the greatest moment for me.

No one expected that, not even the actors(it turns out). That entire sequence between Vader and Luke was polarizing. Han Solo wasn't to be outdone. Right before he's frozen in carbonite, he utters the cockiest line of all to Leia, "I know." The best thing about The Empire Strikes back is it's ending. The heroes didn't win and audience was left knowing another episode was coming.

My favorite scene from Return of the Jedi was when Luke turns himself over to Vader and tells him, "then my father is truly dead." Vader stole the moment, again, without having to say a word. It was a moment that reminded me of Luke standing on his farm. He didn't have to say a word to know where his mind was. Finally, when Vader throws the emperor into the reactor, I remember everyone in the audience cheering. It was one of those moments I was glad I was in the theater to experience that. I also remember feeling a sadness at the end. While we surely felt bad watching Luke burn his father's body, we were also mourning an end to our Star Wars experience....or so we thought.

So these are some of my favorite moments. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


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