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Although we often overlook death in movies, there are some that just hit us too hard. These are the characters we cry over every time we see the movie, without fail. Some deaths were necessary to their plots, but others? Not not so much. Here are 5 of those deaths we haven't gotten over yet.


1. Rue- Hunger Games

Poor, sweet Rue from District 11 was the hardest death to watch in the entire Hunger Games series so far. The bond that she makes with Katniss in the games is a testament to her sweet and caring nature. Her death was very necessary to the plot, though, as Katniss' tribute to her friend sparked rebellion in the districts. Still, it was very hard to watch Marvel throw a spear through her and the song Katniss sings to her gets me every time.

2. Antony- Ant-Man

Antony was Ant-Man's right hand ant, if you will. From his escape from prison up through the heist at Pym Tech, Antony was there for Ant-Man, providing transport to the tiny hero. This death really got to me because it was so unnecessary to the plot for Antony to die. I guess it showed how Ant-Man was finally in control of all the ants after his rigorous training, but seeing Antony's wing fall to the ground was just so sad.

3. Rufio- Hook

The leader of the lost boys while Pan is away, Rufio is pretty much the coolest kid in Neverland. In their battle with Captain James Hook, Rufio pays the ultimate price. This is quite unexpected as it is definitely a kids movie and Rufio plays a big role in helping Peter remember that he is the Pan. The overall plot was not altered by his death which makes it all the more heartbreaking.

4. Noah and Allie- The Notebook

I don't know what kind of a list this would be without including the main characters of the tragic love story, The Notebook. Noah and Allie are so in love and no matter how cheesy and cliche the movie is, their death is extremely moving. Allie, who develops Alzheimer's,finally remembers her husband Noah after he reads her the story of their love. The pair then die together in Allie's nursing home. So sad but extremely beautiful and moving.

5. Dobby- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I

Dobby is one of my favorite movie characters ever! He is so sweet from his first appearance in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets when he warns Harry about the evil plot to when he protects Harry from Lucius Malfoy. Even when Harry makes him promise not to save his life again, Dobby does it anyways, which leads to his unfortunate demise. He always meant well and wanted to help Harry which made his death so hard to watch.

Honorable Mentions

Jack Dawson- Titanic

The only reason Jack even made this list is because it is ridiculous he even had to die! There was plenty of room on the door for both him and Rose to survive so I find it extremely silly that he died, but that may just be me.

Bing Bong- Inside Out

Well this whole movie was an emotional roller coaster so I can't tell if I was crying from Bing Bong being forgotten (kind of like dying for this movie) or if it was just how emotional and profound this movie was as a whole.

Groot- Guardians of the Galaxy

Groot didn't make the cut because after all, he is still alive and even cuter than ever! It was just so sad when Rocket Raccoon was so upset because he thought Groot was gone so he made the honorable mention list!

What do you think?

Weather it was your favorite character or someone you really hated, death scenes in movies can be really hard to watch. What do you think about how some of these characters died? Should these scenes even have been included in the film? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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