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I have always been a Marvel kind of guy and I will probably always be Marvel guy because I grew up with those characters and ideas. However, many of my friends keep telling me that DC Comics definitely deserve my attention as well because they have technically been around longer and have made more iconic superheroes and characters. So over the years I’ve started watching their movies, T.V shows and even reading some of their comics and I’ve come to the conclusion that… Marvel is still my favorite by a mile. I know, I know, there are still a lot of people out there that will defend DC Comics for there impact on entertainment and their iconic superheroes and stories but the real reason I don’t really find myself liking DC Comics is because… I don’t find their superheroes terribly interesting. I know that’s a little weird to hear but it’s true.

The biggest culprit of this offense is actually Superman. I actually find myself really disliking Superman for the fact that he’s the god damn Superman and could have everything fixed in a second. He’s invincible, he’s super strong, he has ice breath, he can shoot lasers out of his eyes and pretty much everything the writers thought about as they were going. Yet, with all of these super powers, it still takes him forever to get anything done. I mean really watch Man of Steel again, really watch it. Superman doesn’t attack the bad guy until the hour and a half mark of the movie, and what was he doing up until then… Trying to find himself, learning what it means to be a hero, diving into his past, and ultimately getting his super ass handed to him. I find that in most media, it really takes Superman too long to get any real traction in his story when really he should be able to get everything done in a nanosecond because his only weakness is a rock that is from his destroyed planet.

Another DC hero I find myself not really liking is Batman mostly because he suffers from a rare problem that everyone around him is more interesting than him. Most of his enemies are really reflections of Batman himself; like the Joker is a reflection of Batman insanity, Scarecrow is a reflection of his fears and worries, Poison Ivy is a reflection of his womanizing and lust and so on. This makes me believe that Batman villains are more interesting than him and that’s when I sort of had an epiphany and figured it out. Marvel makes great and memorable Superheroes while DC Comics makes great villains, I mean really think about it. What is the greatest archenemy that you could give the Man of Steel… A multi-millionaire tycoon who can easily influence the people of Metropolis like a dirty politician. I love that about the Superman comics, I also found myself really liking other Superman villains such as General Zod; a crazy Kryptionian General who is obsessed with creating a Krypton, Brainiac; an evil android who is responsible for the destruction of Krypton and especially Doomsday; the supervillain responsible for the death of Superman.

As for Batman’s villains, do I even have to mention them, they are probably the most iconic villains in comic book history. The Joker is perfect combination terror and comedy which makes for the perfect combo of insanity and what makes him a great villain for Batman is that he constantly testing Batman’s insanity and that if The Joker were to be killed by the Batman, The Joker would win because all Joker wants is for his archnemesis to break his one rule and kill. The Scarecrow is another great villain that also constantly tests Batman’s insanity by exposing him to his greatest fears and weaknesses. He constantly uses Batman’s past and the death of his parents to make him vulnerable and weak.

Now, do I mean all DC Comic heroes are bad. No, of course not, I have to dive into Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and even Aquman… Ok, I don’t really want to know more about Aquaman but still, if you like DC Comics more than Marvel comics; that’s great. I’m surprised I found something I actually found interesting in the DC Universe because after Man of Steel, Green Lantern and Dark Knight Rises; my hopes weren’t really that high. I can’t say that I’m a real fan of DC Comics but I can say I have found a new appreciation for them. I’m still a huge fan of the Marvel superheroes and characters such as The Punisher, Spiderman, Wolverine and many others. Also, it’s not to say that Marvel doesn’t have it’s fair share of good villains like the Mandarin is the pretty cool villain and so is Loki, Green Goblin, The Leader, Deacon Frost and even Abomination but I find that villains in the DC Universe have a better chemistry with their superhero counterparts while Marvel’s superheroes have better chemistry will their super villain counterparts. I know that’s a weird way to describe it but it’s really my opinion on both Marvel and DC Comics.

If you disagree, that’s totally fine; I completely understand. Everyone has their own opinion and views; hell, I’ve met people who found the Green Lantern movie passable. If you have comments, concerns or just want to bitch me out then leave them below.


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