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We all have a best friend, whether it is someone we have known our whole lives, or someone that we have only known for a little while. They are the person we go to when we need them the most, and they eventually become a part of our family. To honor these great friends, here are the top 10 best friends from Disney films.

10. Gus and Jaq - Cinderella

These two are really great friends. Jaq took Gus under his wing and showed him the ropes of living with Lady Tremaine and her daughters, and was constantly helping him keep out of trouble with Lucifer. They were always there for each other, as well as Cinderella, and were true friends.

9. Flora Fauna and Merryweather - Sleeping Beauty

Yes, the three of them fought a lot, however, they were able to band together and protect a princess from a nasty curse. Though they ended up failing in the end, their friendship and strength together with helping out Prince Philip, is what ultimately saved the day. They fought just like best friends often do, but in the end, did care for each other and were able to work together toward a common goal successfully.

8. Mushu and Crickee - Mulan

Mushu was constantly doing his best while trying to help, but ended up making a mess of things. But both Crickee and Mushu were both there for Mulan when she needed help. fFrom wearing disguises to riding an avalanche after she rumbled a mountain with a firework she shot off. Though Crickee didn't talk, they had some of the best interactions in the movie, and kept us laughing even in the midst of battles and sad moments.

7. Mia and Lilly - The Princess Diaries

When we were young girls, this was the friendship we aspired to. Lilly didn't care that Mia was a princess - she was just someone that liked her for all her corniness. While they did have their tiffs, they would always make up quickly. Lilly inspired Mia to be more vocal, and Mia helped to keep Lilly's ego in check. Even when they had been separated for awhile in the sequel, there was pure joy in being reunited with one another. Lilly was willing to stand up for her friend no matter what. This was shown best when she turned to the guy Mia disliked and told him off. I mean, come on, you know it's girl code to hate those who your best friend hates, right?

6. Ariel and Flounder - The Little Mermaid

Flounder was honestly one of the greatest friends anyone ever had. He was willing to go on whatever adventure she concocted, even when he knew that it might end up putting him in danger. He stood up to her father for her, and he was able to somehow get Eric's statue into her grotto, though I still wonder how that is possible. He was even the one who took her to the boat to stop the wedding. He's a small fish with the biggest heart, filled with plenty of love for his best friend.

5. Aladdin and Genie - Aladdin

This friendship is an incredibly sweet one. With both giving each other what the other needs, Genie was always there for Aladdin, granting his wishes and doing it with such aplomb that it was a showcase for the most part. Beyond that, however, he was also there to give advice, and then even save his life when it was necessary. Aladdin returned the favor when he gave Genie his freedom from the lamp, finally. They stayed the best of pals through the following sequels, Genie was always there to work his magic to help his friend Al.

4. Tod and Copper - The Fox and the Hound

This friendship is one that wasn't supposed to exist; foxes and hounds are natural enemies and all, but these two had many adventures and played together as kids constantly. They carefully grew a bond that was really sweet to see. In the end, because of the way society was, they ended up having to part ways. This was after Copper had to stare down the barrel of his owner's gun to save his childhood friend. It is heartbreaking, but shows that sometimes you do have to make choices in your life that you might not want to.

3. Robin Hood and Little John - Robin Hood

There are very few people that we would dress in drag for, but I am sure that you would do it for your best friend stuck in a pickle. Both of the men were outlaws, having to live on the run thanks to the sheriff of Nottingham. But Little John was always there for Robin, getting into whatever hair-brained scheme that he thoughts of with gusto. Little John was loyal and knew that his friend Robin would lead him to enjoyable adventures. The jokes that they share, and the funny costumes they don are displays of a truly playful friendship. They are ride-or-die friends, each depending on the other and having the time of their lives even while on the run.

2. Woody and Buzz - Toy Story

They started out as enemies, but ended up as the most famous bromance ever seen. Two toys that were at odds with each other while trying to win out as their owner's favorite toy ended up saving each other multiple times throughout their adventures. They also helped each other remember who they really were inside when they got too caught up. They teased each other constantly and couldn't be more different, but they took care of each other and the other toys around them.

1. Timon and Pumba - The Lion King

These two were amazing. They took each other in after being ostracized by those around them. They found a home for themselves and made it their own. When they found a lion cub, they took him in and gave him a home, too. They taught him how to live life, and how to have Hakuna Matata. They raised this cub to be a king, and then helped him defeat his uncle and a pack of hyenas who would have liked nothing better than to eat them. Their kind hearts and fierce loyalty extended beyond just their own friendship, and to everyone around them. They are the definition of best friends. They had a great dynamic, and were honestly a great inspiration.

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