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Annabelle, the 2014 horror film acts as a prequel to 2013’s The Conjuring. The film stars Annabelle Wallis, Alfre Woodard and Ward Horton, being honest, the films acting was not too bad, it was quite satisfying, Wallis’s character made the film feel more real than it was, while Woodard did a pretty good job, and Ward Horton was a decent actor in the film.

The films visuals were not too bad, nothing too get too excited about. The film has a good score which made the scenes that were not too scary feel more realistic and fun.

The script of the film was not good, from the dialogue to the scenes with no talking at all; the film fell short of having good ideas in the first few minutes.

The film took modern scares and threw it out the window to make a pile of garbage, it was not scary, nor did it have a good or interesting plot, the film is not too exiting or fun like every film should be.

The world that the film introduced (having not seen The Conjuring) was not too well approached, the film ended with some missing plot points and uneven storytelling.

The 199 minute horror film felt like it was going on forever, it took too long introducing the characters that it fell short of being scary. After I thought the film had ended, it kept on going on and on, and it was a struggle to watch.

In the end, while Annabelle may not be scary, have bad writing, is not fun or exiting, has slow pacing and is hard to follow was a story, the film still has satisfying acting, an Ok re-watch ability and a pretty good production design. Annabelle may not be among the classic scary movies, but the film still can be considered Ok if you watch it not to be a critic about it.

Grade: 5/10 - Ok


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