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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is a 2014 fantasy action film, it is the third film in the Hobbit trilogy, the prequel trilogy to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Having reclaimed Erebor and vast treasure from the dragon Smaug, Thorin Oakenshield (Richard Armitage) sacrifices friendship and honor in seeking the Arkenstone, despite Smaug's fiery wrath and desperate attempts by the Hobbit Bilbo (Martin Freeman) to make him see reason. Meanwhile, Sauron sends legions of Orcs in a sneak attack upon the Lonely Mountain. As the fate of Middle Earth hangs in the balance, the races of Men, Elves and Dwarves must decide whether to unite and prevail -- or all die. (Google). It is directed by Peter Jackson and stars Ian Mckellan as Gandalf the Grey, he is great and super committed to portraying his role, Martin Freeman is excellent as the title charcter, Bilbo Baggins, who brings light and charm to the current dark situation going on in middle-earth, Richard Armitage is great as Throian Oakelsheild, he is the Annakin Skywalker (kind-of) of the film. Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee, Luke Evans, Evangeline Lilly, Orlando Bloom and Cate Blanchett also star in the film as lead charcters, and i think the casting choices were ALL so good.

The visual effects are magnificent, some of the best i've seen in all of 2014, the CGI looks great and the film has a great color tone. The film is action packed, it has the most action in all of the Hobbit trilogy, and i enjoyed how the film set itself up to lead into The Fellowship of the Ring... Kind of how Revenge of the Sith led into A New Hope. The film is also fun, the battle sequences are amazing and well choreographed, and the film has very outstanding cinematography work.

The pacing was not an issue like it was in the first two films, but the film did begin to get boring during the battle scenes that went on and on, by the 1hr. 45m. mark in the film, it began to drag and get super dull, the film began to build on itself to a certain point when it finally started to wind down, it could not do it. Peter Jackson's direction is amazing in the film, he makes it work, just like he does with all his films, he is such a visionary director.

I liked the characters and they were all developed well, the film introduced some things that got Lord of the Rings fan exited, things that tie into the Lord of the Ring trilogy. The film also has some emotion to it, when Kili the Dwarf dies, I felt the emotion that Turiel felt, and I liked that about the film, it makes you feel good.

The film has great writing, and amazing dialogue, some of the best dialogue of all time in a film, the Howard Shore score was excellent as always, it started to feel like the Lord of the Rings and it felt amazing, Howard Shore is my second favorite film score composer, behind John Williams.

In conclusion, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies may fall dull at points, and may also get to a high plot point and then fall on what it was trying to bring, but it's still an epic, fun adventure with very good acting, fascinating visual effects and great writing.


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