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Alisha Grauso

With Duncan Jone's Warcraft movie storming San Diego Comic-Con and picking up major steam in the fan community, it seems Warner Bros. wants in on the epic fantasy action, too.

To that end, they and Hasbro put out a joint announcement today that a live-action [Dungeons & Dragons](tag:949006) adaptation has been greenlit. Not only that, they are giving major priority to developing the project, as the press release also stated that an initial script has already been completed by David Leslie Johnson (The Conjuring 2, Wrath of the Titans). There's no director or acting talent attached to the project yet, but with it being given such priority, expect this project to movie quickly.

The last time a Dungeons & Dragons movie was attempted was fifteen years ago and it was...not great. But hopefully, now that Hollywood has gotten a firm handle on how to tell an epic story and scale it for audiences (not to mention vastly improved technology), it will be a much more successful adaptation this time.

What do you think? Are you ready to see Dungeons & Dragons on the big screen again?


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