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  • #1 Son Begs, ‘Mummy, Please Let Me Die’... Dana Bishop says her 5-year-old son, Morgan suffers from such extreme painful eczema that he begs her to allow him to die. He’s had the condition since 4-months-old and areas of his skin are so uncomfortable it leaves him unable to walk nor sleep.
  • #2 Medical Doctors Unable To Help Him..NHS Doctors in the UK tried every treatment available they’re authorized to do while in network, including a form of chemotherapy, but nothing seems to help Morgan.
  • #3 Eczema Prevents Him From Living A Regular LifSevere eczema such as what Morgan is experiencing is not only painful, but incredibly itchy. The soles of his feet and legs are so cracked and sore, he can’t walk. He attends school half the days and rarely plays with friends.
  • #4 Dana Bishop Speaks Of Family Life..The Bishops are all affected by Morgan’s horrible condition. Dana mentions, they’ve lost part of his “personality to the eczema.” Winter make his condition worse due to the need for central heating in cold weather, and the family rarely goes out during summers, because heat and pollen aggravates his eczema too.
  • #5 Family Aids Morgan’s Painful Situation..When Jenson, who is Morgan’s one year-old brother sees him scratching, he tries to help by “rubbing cream on him.” Both Dana and her husband, Paul take turns to care for Morgan at night when they swaddle him in wet wraps in order to help him sleep.
  • #6 ‘It’s an Emotional Rollercoaster”..Dana mentions there are times where Morgan has snippets of time of being comfortable and they see “glimmers of his happy, chatty personality.” But then soon after his itching starts again, he becomes “irritable and irrational.”
  • #7 A New Alternative Therapy Is Found..Recently Dana found an alternative therapy that may help her son in a hydrotherapy clinic called the Avene Centre in France. The treatment is warm water and wraps which claim to treat eczema and psoriasis. Since their NHS doesn’t cover the expense for the care, Dana has set up a GoFundMe page to raise the funds in addition to planning a charity bike ride to help with cost. To donate please visit their site here.

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