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I've been a horror fan since I was born (or at least it feels like it's been that long). In my younger years, I was told I was weird, creepy, dark and brooding. Granted, I was walking around dressed as Beetlejuice at age 4. At first I took it as an insult, but I've more recently discovered an entire community just like me - I call them my Horror Family.

Within this family, I've discovered some of the most incredible people that deserve an amazing, whirlwind romance. On that note: Here are 7 reasons why you should fall for a horror fan ASAP!

7. We appreciate weird things

Art by James A. Robertson
Art by James A. Robertson

We truly don't care about your past, or the issues you may have. We've been exposed to heads exploding, blood rain, demonic possessions, killer clowns... you name it.

Trust me, if you think that your obsession with animal-shaped handmade soaps is weird, we've dealt with weirder. There's very little that fazes us.

6. We know how to handle the weird sounds coming from inside your house

No big deal, just a ghost. Thanks Zak Bagans!
No big deal, just a ghost. Thanks Zak Bagans!

We've seen everything from Grave Encounters to We Are Still Here; Sinister to The Exorcist. If there's a weird sound in your house, feel free to ask us to investigate. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty when it comes to a potential haunting.

When we find that it's just a squirrel, we'll hug you, then sit you down and force you to watch films on the paranormal.

5. We tend to be less squeamish

You fell and scraped your knee? Accidentally cut the tip of your finger off chopping vegetables? It's all good!

We've seen people get cut in half, we're not really concerned that you accidentally got some blood on the carpet. Yell for help, we'll wrap it up for you.

4. We aren't really that scary

Frances Conroy in American Horror Story
Frances Conroy in American Horror Story

People are often worried that horror fans are going to be horrifying, angry people. In reality, we're actually some of the nicest people you'll meet. We love making film and book suggestions, we'll compliment your creepy doll collection, and we love to talk to other horror fans!

With that being said, as our significant other, if you aren't into horror, that's okay. We'll still watch other movies with you!

3. We're protective

If there is a crazy killer in your house, we will go and find them. If you are possessed, we will be right there to hold your hand.

No matter what the circumstance, we'll protect you to the ends of the Earth, because we've been exposed to some really, really crazy stuff.

2. We're patient

If you ask one of us what the hardest part of being a horror fan is, it's probably finding a film that we truly love. In order to find the best ones, we have to get through some of the worst ones, kind of like relationships!

We can sit through two hours worth of meaningless jump scares, which means we can also sit through your sob-fest while you watch sloth videos. Oh wait, is that just me...?

1. We love to cuddle

Art by James A. Robertson
Art by James A. Robertson

A common misconception is that as horror fans, we don't get scared of anything. Every horror fan has their weakness, and when we watch a film featuring something that we're afraid of, you better believe we're going to want to snuggle up with you and throw the blankets over our heads.

Do you know what that leads to? BLANKET FORTS!

If you've never fallen for a horror fan, you're missing out. If you're currently in love with one, I give you all of the creepy blessings I can bestow upon you, because this will be the weirdest (but coolest) time in your life.

But regardless of your relationship situation, the last piece of advice I can give to you is:


Have you ever fallen for a horror fan?


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