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So we always think of all the superpowers we want to have and how great they would be, but let's stop and think about some of these for a minute. I mean, think about it. There are some superpowers that could actually make you fat, especially if don't exercise and are out saving the world! Here is a list of superpowers that I think could potentially make your utility belt a little too tight.

1. Telekinesis

Now I will be the first one to say that telekinesis would be one of the coolest and best powers to have! However, this could lead to a serious weight problem, especially if you aren't the most fit and active person to begin with. I know that if I did have it, I would definitely use it to prepare me food and make meals without ever leaving the couch. You could do everything by just sitting there. If you were not a lazy person to begin with, this power may even start to turn you lazy. Again this power would be amazing to have and you could do a lot of good with it, but it could also lead you to the dark, fatter, side of life.

2. Stretching (you know like Mr. Fantastic)

This one may not seem like a power that would turn you a little heavy but here is another one that you need to think about a little bit. If you have the ability to stretch forever what stops you from sitting in the LazyBoy and stretching to the fridge to grab you your soda or burger? This is another power that you really have no need to move with. Again it's different if you are out saving the world every night. I would say that counts as your daily exercise. And with this power even if you get fat you could just stretch a little and make yourself still look thin.

3. Mind Control

Here is another one that could involuntarily make you a little heavy. Again not everyone would get heavy from this power but some who already have somewhat lazy tendencies may fall into this trap. Why get up and do chores when all you have to do is look at somebody and they'll do it for you. It would be easy to abuse this power and become a bit of a couch potato when other people will just do things for you. With the first two powers you still have to concentrate on something for it to happen or be brought to you. With this power you just tell someone to do something and they'll do it. Whether its making you so me food or having someone clean or mow your lawn you get to just sit on the couch.

4. Super Genius

You may see super genius and think "How could that make you fat?!". Again this wouldn't happen to everyone, but still it could happen. Think about this one, suddenly you are granted the gift of super intelligence and you can do anything and figure out everything. After building an Iron Man suit and not using it to fight crime because well that's too dangerous you would would make robot servants. I mean who wouldn't want robots that would do everything you would want it to do. With the robots they would wait on you hand and foot. Having such privilege could lead you down a path of laziness. With robots doing your chores and making you food, it would be easy to slip on your physical fitness and have a few pounds appear. But you're smart I guess you could figure out a way to lose weight pretty quickly.

5. Teleportation

For a final power that might put a few pounds on you I have went with teleportation. So right away you may wonder how this could contribute to weight gain. Well it's simple really. If you teleport my guess is that you would not be walking anywhere really. Even in your own home you could teleport from your recliner to the fridge and back in a blink of an eye. Yeah you would still have to do chores but you can eliminate any walking that you would normally have to do otherwise. Believe it or not just normal daily walking contributes a lot to weight management. If you are constantly just teleporting everywhere then you have just eliminated what probably is one of your only forms of physical activity.

Okay so that's my list of powers that could seriously pack some pounds on you. Again for these powers to cause you to gain weight you would probably already have to be a somewhat lazy person to begin with. Someone who doesn't like to be active and exercise on a daily basis...this is something I would probably struggle with. But anyway, I hope this article has maybe made you think of these powers in a different light than you probably have before. So remember if you somehow suddenly develop one of these powers do not forget to exercise and not let your powers do everything for you.

If you have any powers to add please go ahead and comment them below. It was actually a little challenging to even come up with five. That is why if one of them seems to be a bit of stretch maybe it is but it still could happen...well maybe, if superpowers existed. Anyway I hope you enjoyed.


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