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Ron Perlman's made no secret of the fact that he's getting old. Older than might be expected to take up the mantle of Hellboy again, and he's often spoken out about his desire to make Hellboy 3 already because he isn't getting any younger. Usually with an expletive or two for emphasis.

But in a surprising conversation with Slashfilm following the TCA panel for Perlman's Amazon series, Hand of God, the candid actor revealed that it's not that he doesn't want to do the role if he gets too old, it's that, well, he doesn't really want to reprise the role at all.

Let me make the record clear. I don’t want to do Hellboy 3. It’s a pain in the ass to put that makeup on and take it off. But I feel we’re obligated to finish the story. That’s it. End of conversation.

I can't say I blame him. The makeup process is a tiring, tedious one involving hours upon hours in a chair getting layers of possibly toxic paint and prosthetics added to you, only to have it stripped off in another hours-long session every day - if at all. Plus, at age 65, he's not as spry as he used to be, and those hours upon hours in the gym bulking up and then maintaining his physique for the role also take their toll.

Still, no worries, Hellboy fans. Perlman may be dreading the thought of getting back in to the makeup chair for hours and hours, but he's a man of the people and understands that there's still a job to be finished, if someone just gives them the opportunity. In fact, he said, he'd "move mountains" to get it done, and as long as Guillermo del Toro is on board, so is he - even up to and possibly past death:

[If] del Toro says 'put the makeup on,' you can shoot me in a wheelchair and I’ll still be Hellboy. I guess the only cutoff point is when they actually close the box. If you don’t see me get up and go, ‘Hang on, I was kidding,’ then I’m still ready.

So there you have it. Perlman may hate the grueling process and may hate the idea of having to endure it again, but he's as on board as anyone. And besides, at least he doesn't have it as bad as Doug Jones, who, when he puts on his prosthetics to portray Abe Sapien, is rendered almost entirely blind and deaf.

At this point, it seems only a matter of time before Hellboy 3 is either announced or officially scrapped. Would you want to see it made, or do you think the time has passed to complete the trilogy?


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