ByLupema Celis-castillo, writer at

McDonald’s has been trying to come clean about the contents in their foods and the chemicals they use to produce many items on their menus and other items that are always used in their restaurants. In a seminar titled, ‘Our food. Your questions’ the corporate mega-giant king Mickey D’s says that they don’t use ‘pink slime’ in the ingredients list in their McNuggets, as has been rumored around the way. The food services corporation does openly admit in the seminar they’ve just come forward with that, yes, lots of their product has all kinds of funny sounding chemicals. McDonald’s also admits that, even if it can’t be called ‘nutritional’ that it isn’t entirely the space-aged garbage that a lot of people have been saying. Yes, it’s crap. No, says Mickey D’s, it is not going to kill you outright. Well, unless it’s all you eat. If you ate nothing but McDonald’s every day, yes, you could die of malnutrition sooner than you might hope, but that’s the chance you take to put this horrible stuff in your body. And to pay for the opportunity to do so.

The government has lately made it harder for restaurants to lie to their consumers about the origins of their ingredient lists. Still, the corporate lawyers which these kinds of places hire find all kinds and types of loopholes to try and slip the really bad stuff past you. Try to eat smarter and not grosser, there are things out there that are just entirely -not – appetizing and chemical in source and origin. In the recent McDonald’s press seminar some of the people attending left feeling vindicated, while many walked away more concerned than ever about exactly how ‘unhealthy’ that stuff really is.


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