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There is no denying the inevitability of Marvel's future success in cinema. We have gotten a taste of our beloved characters splashing their way into the big screen, and there are more to come. However, finding the right tone in such movies is heavily important. It can define the movie as a whole, regardless of its plot. Marvel Studios is known for approaching these characters with comedy, and there is nothing wrong with comedy, but sometimes, characters like Ultron need to be as far away from that as possible. With that being said, I have listed the five upcoming MCU films that need to elude the light hearted, comedic, child-driven, predisposed path Marvel Studios and Disney have in store for them. In other words, 5 MCU Films that need the DC touch.

5. Black Panther (2018)

It's not all fun and games for T'Challa.
It's not all fun and games for T'Challa.

Except for Captain America, all the origin films for the standalone characters have had a lighter and comedic approach to them. Black Panther needs to be that Captain America but a bit more serious, none of that jazz and romance. Black Panther has been bred since childhood to become the king, from hunting and killing, to learning the ways of a ruler. He has a duty to govern and protect his people from outside forces, much like Odin and Black Bolt. That's a tough job that leaves little room for comedy and light-hearted-ness. He is somewhat the Batman of the Marvel Universe so expect him not only taking down, but also torturing criminals. Overall, this movie needs to shows that Marvel Studios can handle gritty.

4. The Inhumans (2019)

There is nothing funny about The Inhumans as they have been displayed in the comic books as well as in Disney shows. They are, thought for thought, the X-Men of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Seclusion v. freedom, order v. chaos, who answers to whom, HUMANS vs. INHUMANS, everything about them is an in depth look at how an outcast system is trying to function. The Inhumans will be a challenge for Marvel for a few reasons. First off, Marvel has to deliver a whole new set of characters without using comedy as their forefront (i.e. Gotg), so we will be seeing X-Men parallels. Second, you have the main character who will open his mouth only to scream when needed so a lot of the conversing will be done telepathically with Medusa, his wife, and since he is the leader of these people, alot of questioning against authority will occur, which isn't necessarily the problem, but a hint at the adult themes that will be delved upon. Thirdly, most of these characters have never stepped out into the human world so comedy is reduced to little to none, another challenge for Marvel. Therefore, all of these problems will heavily suggest Marvel needing to create a darker tone for the Inhumans movie.

3. [Thor: Ragnarok](tag:956858) (2017)


Ragnarok is the apocalypse for all Asgardians, and that basically sets up the tone of the movie. We have already seen a bit of destruction in Asgard (Dark World), thus Ragnarok has to be more. Literally, this story is about the end of a world and this concept should not be leveled down for kids (F* Disney interference). There also needs to be less time spent on Earth and more in Asgard and the other realms (for a bit). And above all, there needs to be a death or "death" (Sigh, Marvel Studios) that actually affects everyone and is or are meaningful. Furthermore, the feud between Loki and Thor has to reach a resolution of sorts. I am guessing a death or a disappearance of one of them.

2. [The Avengers: Infinity War](tag:738027), Parts 1 & 2 (2018, 2019)

We have Thanos, the big bad. It will be hugely disappointing if all the construction and anticipation of Thanos leads to another Ultron-like conundrum. We are going to see death, deaths** that is, and such should not be taken lightly. We want to see blood, we want to see gut-wrenching sacrifices (not forced ones like Quicksilver's) and we want to explore the truly twisted side of Thanos and his love for Death. These are all adult themes and Marvel shouldn't have to compromise doing justice to the characters for the sake of "a wider audience". All hope should be lost for the Avengers when facing Thanos, there needs to be desperation by them and Thanos SHOULD NOT use an army to defeat the Avengers. We have seen villains like Loki and Ultron use their armies, and I am not saying he needs to face them alone, but that he needs to engage. We need to see that Thanos can handle literally anyone that comes his way. I especially want to see him put Hulk down easily to illustrate his thunderous and God-like power.

1. [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) (2016)

There shouldn't be any debate over this. This is Marvel's chance to redeem themselves from the underwhelming The Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Captain America: Civil War is supposed to explore themes similarly found in the X-men series. The idea of suppression vs freedom, government vs people, as well as what truly is justice in cases like Bucky Barnes killing the Iron Man's father Howard Stark. Moreover, we are to witness an impactful death as well as manipulation at its finest (poor victim: Sharon Carter). These themes and ideas shouldn't be taken lightly rather developed because this movie will truly explore the bigger picture...The Avengers in relation to the world and how their actions affect citizens, governments, and nations as a whole. Furthermore, when I say dark and gritty, I mean the fight scenes as well. Marvel needs to stop with the luminous visual spectacles and stick with hand to hand, body to body, gritty and bloody fights. Captain America: The Winter Soldier provided us just that thanks to the wonderful directing of the Russo Bros, hence I have faith they will execute Civil War in such manner.


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