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I just came to drink beer and type reviews, and I'm still drinking.

What the holy crap! This movie ( Mr. Jones ( 2013 )) was one of the single most mentally crippling movies I've seen in quite a long time. It's not make you want to jump into your so's arms scary. But it's a movie that will make you want to never sleep let alone dream for the rest of your life.

Now you don't have to believe me when I tell you this is the kind of movie that will most likely get you laid just because it'll actually give you something to talk about once all the popcorn is gone. And you're all done picking the kernels out of your mouth ( hot right? ) .

But it's that kind of movie. It'll even give you the chance to slip a sly little one liner once he or she says something like
" Shit, I don't really want to go to sleep now. "
Then you can say..
" Don't worry, I'll keep you safe as long as I can be near you. "

Now that promiscuity has been covered.. Let's get back to the review.

I have nothing bad to say about this movie. And I love picking them apart. It starts when a pretty fantastic premise and then slowly devolves into one of the most mind bending plot twists since Donny Darko. We get a chance to see a couple begin to fall apart. We see a filmmaker doubt his talent and why he even started the project to begin with. We see pseudo believable "expert" interviews that make you believe this shit is actually going on. But wait there's more.

What this movie lacks in nothing. It makes up in volumes for the sheer depth they went to ensuring that you were actually paying attention during the first twenty minutes of the film.

Your memory is a bit challenged once the characters start to reference different things happen. And once you realize what's actually begin going on. This is what your face will look like.

Am I bending the spoon, or am I the one bending?
Am I bending the spoon, or am I the one bending?

I give this movie a 5 beer bottles out of 6. Because that's how many i would need to be able to sleep safely again.


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