ByMartin Samoylov, writer at

1. Advanced screenings; This is definitely the best way. Advanced screenings are being held all over the country and if you live in a or close to a big town you can enjoy a movie before it's release date for free. Just follow your town here and look on that website every now and then. Like that you should be able to attend at least 1 or 2 screenings per week.

2. MoviePass free trial; On this website you can get a service that allows you to enter a movie theater for 30-35 USD per day. Now, they also have a trial. And if you're smart enough, you cancel that trial before it ends and enjoy the 2 weeks of free movie visits.

3. Contact the studio; Start a blog or YouTube channel, spend about 15 minutes per day on it and once you have some kind of audience, email the studio and ask for free passes. Often they won't mind giving them to you if you can prove that your blog or channel can be useful for them.

4. Sweepstakes; You can get tickets by looking for sweepstakes all over the internet. Just follow several newspapers and websites that gave tickets away before and you'll with some luck you can sit in a theater for free.


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