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Can someone tell me why actresses and models today don't like smiling for the camera when they're at a red carpet event? When I look at a magazine or randomly come across some film premiere article online, I see the actresses that are attending the event looking over their shoulder with a straight face. Freakin' smile lady! Do they think it makes them look sexy glaring into a lens with no smile? It makes them look as if they don't want to be there or possibly constipated, either way its not a good look.

Check out Emma Watson in the image about on the left, looking over her shoulder with a look, as if saying, "Please take the damn photo so I can go!" Yes, she's nice to look at and also a great actress to boot; but why not smile for the photo? A smile is much sexier than a stare, even better when they show their teeth, because a photo without showing the pearly whites just looks way better than the fake grin that most celebrities like to give.

A model turned actress, Cara Delevingne, who you can see in the center of the image above is the newest crop of celebrity who likes scolding the camera with those tired eyes of hers. Maybe she had a long night of partying, slightly hung over, and just trying her best to not puke on the red carpet before she can reach a bathroom. Even if that is the reason, it seems to be the case for every event she goes to. At least she made an effort to look good, even if she did look a little on the sleepy side. I know most of you reading this might have a rebuttal response saying that maybe they're tired or just trying to look sexy in their own way. I say that, in my opinion, a blank stare with sleepy eyes isn't sexy at all. If that celebrity is sleepy from to much traveling, it doesn't hurt to make an effort to smile. It's really easy to actually contort your face to the point of looking moderately happy. I don't feel bad for celebrities who need to go to an event because their contract says they need to be their to help support the film, television show, or product they're trying to get out to the public. They're being paid a massive amount of money to do this and I really don't feel bad for someone who makes more than most just by standing in front of the camera and having to crack a smile, or in most cases just looking at everyone sternly.

Now there's one reason why a person wont smile on the red carpet, and I'm sure it's probably a pretty good reason. If you're looking at the woman to the left in the image above and wondering who that celebrity is, it Uma Thurman. Yes, the unrecognizable actress seems to have issues smiling because she can't due to all the plastic surgery she's had. Her skin is stretched to the point of making her look young and full of life, as if being viewed in a house of wax museum. So for those young actresses planning on getting plastic surgery in the future, not smiling is probably something to get used too. Until the day plastic surgery comes into your life, you might as well try your best and crack a damn smile while you still can.


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