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Sometimes, films about comics or books leave too much to be desired for fans, with Spawn being a clear example. When you take one of the darkest characters from comics and turn him into a movie,you have to honor that character. And in 1997 New Line Cinema gave us, in a lot of people's opinion a poor depiction of what the character of Spawn can be.

This year we might get a reboot of Spawn, and we all have high hopes that we will get a movie worthy of such a fan favorite character.

But a group of fans decided to take matters into their own hands in 2014, by making a shockingly awesome short film called Spawn: The Recall, check it out below!

Now, that's what we want to see in a Spawn movie!. Despite the full clip being no more than 10 minutes in length, it has that dark, mysterious feeling that Spawn is known for.

The person in charge of this great short film is Michael Paris, and you can see the full clip and credits here.

We will wait for the next reboot for this great character, in the hopes that we get to see something that matches or surpasses this great fan artwork.


What do you think of this fan made film?


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