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I'm sure you guys remember the awesome treat of our childhood that was Spider-Man: The Animated Series. It was a great show full of action, drama, and plenty of characters from the shared Marvel Universe. By the way, if you're having a hard time remembering this gem of a show, you can take a look at the intro to jog your memory.

Everything coming back now? Good, because I have something to share with you! I thought "What if Sam Raimi's Spider-Man was a live-action series?" and figured I'd combine the intro from Spider-Man: TAS with a couple of clips from Sam Raimi's Spider Trilogy. Before you dive in, I'd like to point out that there are clips with different qualities and different formats. I'm not a pro, so I just decided to let it fly. I had second thoughts about putting this up, but I'm a firm believer in finishing what I've already started. Here's the finished product. (By the way, Daredevil and Punisher make an appearance, so be on the lookout for those guys) Enjoy!

What'd you guys think?


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