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Believe it or not, Disney has created a line of characters in their movies that are extremely good at archery. This article is dedicated to the top 5 archers of the Disney realm, respectively. Enjoy!

5. Mulan from Mulan

Mulan is seen training with a bow and arrow. She may be trying her best to fit in, but she is on the low spectrum of Disney's best archers. Good try though!

4. Indians from Pocahontas

The "savages" of this film were very skilled with their handmade bow and arrows. They are seen in the movie while attacking John Ratcliffe and his English gang.

3. Gaston from Beauty and the Beast

Gaston is best known as a hunter. You could almost compare him to a well-behaved Kraven of the Marvel Universe! He is seen with multiple weapons, including a bow and arrow, trying to catch the Beast.

2. Merida from Brave

I know, I know.. You are probably thinking how in the world could Merida get second place! Every time you see the princess, she is with her bow and arrows! Although she is a very good archer, there is someone else who can top her skills.

1. Robin Hood from Robin Hood

Oo De Lally! Oo De Lally! Robin Hood is the best archer of Nottingham, the world, and the Disney Universe. That is what this iconic, classic character is known for. Congrats, Robin Hood!


What do you think? Who is the best archer of Disney?


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