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The BBC have been keeping very tight lipped on series 9 of Doctor Who. Only a few things have been said about the new series. The rest is confidential. With just over a month to go until the new Series, the BBC have just released a new Promotional Photo for Season 9.

A Few Things I've Concentrated On From The Photo

1) The Setting
As you can see, it looks as though the Doctor and Clara are on some sort of War field. Could it be the return of Skaro? It looks like it and could certainly work. Look at the sky, top left, is that a planet? If it is a Planet, then this location must be in outer space.

2) The Explosion
Is this explosion significant? Has the Doctor just destroyed a base? If it is Skaro, then it is most likely a Dalek base. By the expression on the Doctor's face, he certainly looks determined to run away from what he has just done. Or he is proud for what he has done. Are the Daleks gone for good this time? Doubt it.

3) The Doctor's Costume
It looks as though the Doctor has had a change of costume. No more collared shirt. Just a plain T-Shirt. Also his trousers have changed dramatically. Is that a brand new coat as well? Blimey, the Doctor has spoiled himself this time. Staying on the costume theme, Clara has a new outfit too.

Just a few things I know, but it has got us even more excited for Series 9. This Series looks bigger and better than last year.

Series 9 of Doctor Who lands Saturday 19th September on BBC One.


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