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The recent(ish) premiere of Under the Dome season 3 came out, and I would say it is a creative twist on how to continue the series. I would argue, however, that It is beginning to get a little too creative, and possibly a little too far-fetched.

When Under The Dome originally came out, It was interesting and something atypical to the usual shows on television. I really enjoyed the idea of a community trapped inside of a dome, and I loved the mystery aspect of the series. Season 3, however, the series has seemed to take an odd turn.

After the season 2 finale where they supposedly escape I understand that the writers had to create a way for the community to still be trapped, "under the dome", however, causing them to enter an alternate reality in cocoons controlled by aliens may have been going a bit too far. As for the ally aspect of the series, new allies have been formed as well- some more surprising then others. Julia and Barbie are no longer together, due to the fact that Barbie is under a spell that the whole community has been put under. This is irritating, and it feels like Barbie should be able to break the spell due to the fact that he has shown in the past that he is one of the stronger more influential characters, and Julia and him are such a great team. Nori and Joe have broken the spell, interestingly enough, and likely more people will follow them in the episodes to come. Many more people have died as well- another reason I believe the show has gotten worse. I believe that with so many people dying each episode that the emotion is decreasing. Other updates within Season 3 is that Melony's character is revealed as evil, and the importance of the egg is continuously pointed out as well.

I believe that making it so we knew that extraterrestrials were behind the dome took away a lot of the mystery aspect of the show, which is the part that I love the most about it. I understand that we had to find out eventually, but was I the only one that found It so fun theorizing who was behind the dome? With the mystery aspect basically gone from the series, I believe that the show has altogether decreased in quality.

Overall, I believe that the writers went too far with the new plot line, and took away a lot of the mystery within the show. I believe that some of the new alliances are annoying as well. I have been a loyal fan through all three seasons, and I will probably continue to watch with hopes that the series will improve. With that being said, I definitely recommend Season 1 & 2 to those that have not yet watched them, for I thoroughly enjoyed them.


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