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The Dark Knight is considered to be the best Batman movie ever, and some consider it the best comic book movie ever, and they're not wrong. The Dark Knight is a fantastic movie. But what if it had a completely different cast of actors? What if it had a cast of legends? What if I could think of a segue into introducing the fact that I'm about to cast the Dark Knight using only actors who are dead?


So, before I begin, I want to say I have nothing but respect for the actors on this list and this isn't intended to offend anybody. All of these actors I wish I could bring back, but unfortunately, I can't. But let's get started.

BRUCE WAYNE: Paul Walker

Age at death: 41 (1973-2013)

Paul Walker was an amazingly talented actor, having a large body of work thanks to the Fast & Furious franchise. Paul would have been a year older than Christian Bale in 2008, and also wouldn't have released his completely underrated action movie, Brick Mansions, where Walker shows that he wasn't only good at driving fast cars.


Age at death: 86 (1914-2000)

Who better than Obi Wan Kenobi himself to play Bruce's mentor, Alfred? I can't think of a single person more qualified than Mr. Guinness to play him. Sure, he may not have thought Star Wars was very good, but surely he would have loved to be Alfred, as he's older than Batman.

THE JOKER: Heath Ledger

Age at death: 28 (1979-2008)


RACHEL DAWES: Brittany Murphy

Age at death: 32 (1977-2009)

The Clueless fans know what I'm talking about. Murphy was a fantastic actress who was known mostly for her role in 1994's Clueless, but also did a fantastic job in 8 Mile. Seeing her as Rachel would have been fantastic.

TWO FACE: Patrick Swayze

Age at death: 57 (1952-2009)

Yeah, I know Swayze would have been old by the time the Dark Knight came out, but can you imagine him as Harvey Dent in his prime? Swayze could definitely pull off classy, like he was in real life, and also a bad boy, like he was in movies. He was a talented guy, and I would have loved to see him as Two Face.


Age at death: 72 (1907–1979)

John Wayne may have been on the older side when he died, but damn was he an actor. If you don't know who he is, get off MoviePilot and watch some westerns. None of those movies would be the same if John Wayne hadn't been a part of them. The gunslinging cowboy could DEFINITELY pull off James Gordon, and thrive in the role.

LUCIUS FOX: James Avery

Age at death: 68 (1945–2013)

I was going to cast Morgan Freeman to throw in a cheap "Morgan Freeman is god" joke, but that would be disrespectful to this wonderful man. While he's mostly known for his role as Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but that show was as serious at points as it was comedic, and though the Dark Knight had little comedy, it did provide some very funny moments featuring Lucius. Though this choice may seem strange, people thought Michael Keaton was too into comedy to be a good Batman, and look where he is now.


Which actor do you think was casted best?


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