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In a tale as old as time, [Disney](tag:2273206) Channel gave us the beginnings of a story in which we witnessed the children of Disney's greatest villains beginning to immerse themselves with the hero's kids. Disney Descendants gave us a new look into a magical world and a glimpse of what had become of some of our favorite villains.

Boy was it well received.

With the premiere last Friday night being capped off at 6.6 million views, the movie is one of the two top ranked films of the summer on cable TV. Fans were also able to preview the movie from July 24 onward on the WATCH Disney Channel app, pulling in another 1.4 million viewers. With 8 million views, it surpassed the premiere of High School Musical, which only brought in 7.7 million when it first showed on the Disney Channel.

And the team behind the movie have no plans to slow down.

When asked if there were plans for a sequel, director Kenny Ortega (who also directed High School Musical) had this to say:

"Sure. I think-were you to ask the cast and crew-they'd agree that we'd all love to come back and play here again. The Descendants world really is a wonderful place to play in. More to the point, there are so many characters from the Disney animated films that we could draw upon, pull in. There are so many more stories to tell."tut it was mostly focused on Mal and her mother. Perhaps in the coming movies we will see more of the other kids struggles. However, with Mal having been such a lead role and so powerful, maybe a spiral into darkness wouldn't be such a bad th.

All I know is, with the great cast that they already have and brilliant director Ortega behind them, the sequel is sure to be another smash hit.

[Source: TV Guide]

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